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Help Your Child Learn When It’s Time for Bed with the GRO-Clock Sleep Trainer

The GRO-Clock Sleep Trainer is the perfect tool to help your toddler or young child understand when it’s time to go to sleep. This innovative sleep training aid uses customizable images and options to communicate bedtime in a fun and engaging way for children ages 2 and up.

Teach Bedtime Routines with Glowing Visuals

The GRO-Clock features a circular glowing screen that displays a starry night sky. As bedtime approaches, the stars disappear one-by-one to indicate the passing of time in a simple, visual way that’s ideal for young children. The adjustable screen lets you customize when the stars start to disappear, with options ranging from 30 minutes to 12 hours to match your child’s bedtime routine.

As the stars go out, the colorful images help children understand that nighttime and sleep are approaching. When the screen is completely dark, your child will know it’s time to go to bed. In the morning, the screen changes to display a bright sun to indicate that it’s time to wake up and start the day.

Engaging Features for Successful Sleep Training

The GRO-Clock has several features to make sleep training engaging and effective:

Digital clock and audible alarm options – Choose to display time digits and program alarm features to provide additional sleep and wake cues.
Adjustable screen brightness – Customize the display’s brightness level and auto-dimming feature for day or nighttime use.
Fun sleep timer – An optional countdown timer shows the minutes counting down until bedtime.
Key-lock function – Locks the screen settings for consistent use.
Silent operation – Keeps the room quiet with silent display changes.
Bedtime stories – Plays soothing narrated stories with the press of a button to help your child wind down before bed.
Night light mode – Keeps the display illuminated all night with stars and moon for a soft glow.

Benefits of Using the GRO-Clock Sleep Trainer

Using the GRO-Clock Sleep Trainer offers many benefits for successfully improving bedtime routines:

Provides clear visual cues – The disappearing stars help communicate time passing in a simple, effective way for young children.
Reduces bedtime anxiety – Establishing a consistent routine with the clock can soothe bedtime anxieties.
Aids transitions – The engaging display makes moving from playtime to sleep easier.
Reinforces morning wake-ups – The glowing sun signals when it’s time to wake up.
Teaches time-telling concepts – Introduces time, patterns and routines in a hands-on way.
Customizable features – Options like audible alarms and dimming allow you to tailor the experience.
Durable build – Designed to withstand normal wear-and-tear from kids.
Compact size – Fits easily on a nightstand or bookshelf for use in any bedroom.
Gift-ready packaging – Comes beautifully packaged and ready to gift for birthdays and holidays.

User-Friendly Sleep Trainer

The GRO-Clock is designed for easy use right out of the box. Setting up the clock is simple with user-friendly buttons and instructions. Programming options like when the stars disappear and alarm settings can be customized to your desired bedtime schedule. The key-lock feature prevents little hands from changing your programmed settings.

Power up the GRO-Clock using the included AC adapter or 3 AA batteries. Place on a nightstand or shelf in your child’s room where they can easily see the circular display screen. Explain how the disappearing stars signal bedtime and celebrate when they notice the visual cues and go to bed without resistance!

The GRO-Clock Sleep Trainer is the ideal tool for gently improving bedtime routines and sleep habits in clever, engaging way. Both parents and children love the magical, glowing display and positive sleep time experiences the clock provides night after night.


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