Tigeen 80 Pcs Artificial Baby’s Breath Flowers – Lovely and Long Lasting Mini Bouquets for All Your Special Occasions


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Add a touch of delicate beauty to your weddings, parties, events, and everyday life with these gorgeous artificial baby’s breath flowers by Tigeen. This set includes 80 stems with 240 little flower buds that look and feel surprisingly realistic. Use them as filler flowers in floral arrangements, table centerpieces, or decorative wreaths. Their soft, fluffy texture and pure white color work with any style from rustic to elegant.

Abundant and Adaptable Mini Flower Bouquets

The 80 mini flower bouquets in this set give you plenty of stems to work with. Each 20.5 inch stem has lush green leaves and divides into 3 separate branches, each topped with a cluster of tiny white blooms. With close to 240 buds altogether, you can create displays both grand and intimate. Use just a few stems for a delicate accent or combine dozens for full, billowy shapes. Their flexible branches let you bend and twist them into any layout you desire.

Natural Looking and Long Lasting

Though artificial, these faux baby’s breath stems mimic the look of fresh cut flowers. The little blooms have life-like centers and soft, fluffy texture. Made of plastic wrapped around sturdy wire, the stems are posable yet sturdy enough for repeated use. Neither watering nor sunlight is needed, so they stay pristine and perky no matter how long your arrangements sit. Keep them looking freshly picked by fluffing up the blooms and leaves as needed.

Ideal for Weddings and So Much More

Baby’s breath is a staple flower for weddings, adding an airy, romantic vibe to bouquets and decor. These faux versions save money compared to fresh flowers and allow you to prepare arrangements well in advance. Use them as filler around roses, peonies, and other floral focal points. Or make mini bouquets to complement boutonnieres and corsages. They also work beautifully for anniversary dinners, baby showers, church displays, and other festive occasions.

Brighten Up Your Everyday Life

Don’t save these lovely blooms just for special events. A few stems add delicate charm to any space. Cluster them in clear glass vases or mason jars on your kitchen island, dining table, console table, or bathroom counter. Weave stems into table runners for an extra whimsical touch. Display them on mantles or shelves to complement your home decor. Or tie one or two stems with ribbons to make sweet gifts for friends and family.

Simple Yet Stunning Home Decor

For quick and easy home decor, gather bunches of the stems and display them in vases, pots, baskets, or bottles. A handful creates a petite bouquet perfect for a side table, while dozens make a dramatic statement on dining tables, buffets, or mantles. Intermingle the faux blooms with real greenery like ferns or eucalyptus for added freshness. For holiday charm, mix them with pine, holly, bare branches, or other seasonal elements.

Endless Possibilities for Parties and Special Events

Party hosts will love having these pretty blooms on hand to instantly dress up any space. Use them to create centerpieces that complement your color scheme and table decor. Arrange them in masses on drink tables or line walkways and stair railings to amplify your theme. Pair the pure white flowers with accents of your event colors. For showers and weddings, match the gowns and decor. Their soft texture also makes these stems ideal for floral crowns and wreaths.

Pick Up a Bunch for Last Minute Arrangements

Thanks to their long lasting beauty and easy care, these artificial baby’s breath stems are perfect for unplanned or last minute flower needs. Keep a vase full on hand for impromptu dinner parties or date nights. Toss them in arrangements for visiting family or a sick friend. Or add some to thank a helpful neighbor or brighten someone’s day for no special reason at all.

High Quality Materials Last and Last

The artificial blooms and stems are made from top quality materials for longevity and beauty. The stems consist of sturdy plastic coated wires that can be bent and shaped without damage. Soft plastic is used to create the realistic flower buds and leaves. Placed properly on their stems, the blooms will remain attached. But if any happen to come loose, they can easily be reattached for extended use.

Give your wedding, home, or next event a touch of ethereal beauty with these lovely and lifelike artificial baby’s breath stem bouquets from Tigeen. Order a set today to have on hand whenever you need a little floral magic!


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