Tork PeakServe Reusable Continuous Hand Towel – Eco-Friendly and Advanced 1-Ply White Paper Towels for Restrooms


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Tired of constantly refilling paper towel dispensers? Want an eco-friendly solution to reduce paper waste? Introducing the new Tork PeakServe Reusable Continuous Hand Towel – the innovative and sustainable paper towel system designed to maximize hygiene and minimize environmental impact.

These revolutionary compressed 1-ply white paper towels are designed specifically for high traffic restrooms that need a reliable and efficient hand drying solution. The unique continuous towel system provides up to 250% more paper towels than standard Tork Universal refills, reducing the need for constant refilling and maintenance. Dispensers stay filled longer thanks to the compressed towels which take up 50% less space.

This allows facility managers and cleaning staff to spend less time refilling and monitoring dispensers, and instead focus their efforts on more vital tasks. The continuous paper towels also dispense smoothly in just 3 seconds, preventing long lines and frustrated guests in your restroom.

The 1-ply white paper towel is soft and absorbent, providing guests with a comfortable drying experience. The folded size of each towel is 3.2 inches wide by 7.9 inches long. When unfolded, the towel expands to 8.9 inches wide by 7.9 inches long – plenty of surface area to dry hands hygienically.

The advanced quality towels are designed for longevity, resisting rips and tears even when wet. The smooth dispensing and one-at-a-time delivery prevents waste by limiting paper towel usage to only what is needed. This reusable system significantly reduces consumption compared to traditional folded paper towels.

Each convenient 12 pack contains 410 paper towels, providing facilities with thousands of hand dries before needing a refill. Not only does the Tork PeakServe system reduce maintenance and improve efficiency, but it also minimizes the environmental impact of your restroom paper waste.

By reducing consumption, you’ll lower your carbon footprint and create a more sustainable facility. These paper towels are made from 100% recycled fiber content. So you can feel good about the positive environmental contribution you’re making each time someone dries their hands.

The continuous towels are designed to work seamlessly with Tork H5 electronic touch-free dispensers. The dispensers are battery operated so there’s no need for a manual crank or noisy motor. The dispenser activates automatically when hands are placed underneath, for quick, hygienic delivery every time.

Tork’s innovative paper towel products are designed to set the highest standard in hygiene, efficiency, and sustainability. Investing in the PeakServe Reusable Continuous Hand Towel system demonstrates your commitment to your guests, your staff, and the environment.

You’ll reduce maintenance requirements, decrease consumption and waste, and provide visitors with an advanced, hygienic hand drying experience. All while making an environmentally responsible choice.

Make the switch to the Tork PeakServe Reusable Continuous Hand Towel system today for a more eco-friendly, efficient, and high performing restroom solution. Your visitors and staff will thank you!


  • 250% more towels vs standard Tork Universal refills – less refilling
  • Towels compressed 50% for maximized capacity
  • Dispenses smoothly in just 3 seconds to prevent lines
  • Advanced 1-ply white towel quality
  • One-at-a-time dispensing reduces waste
  • 410 recycled paper towels per pack (12 packs total)
  • Compatible with Tork H5 touch-free dispensers
  • Creates an eco-friendly and sustainable restroom
  • 100% recycled fiber content
  • Reduces carbon footprint and paper waste

Invest in an innovative restroom solution and make the switch to Tork PeakServe Reusable Continuous Hand Towels today! Your visitors, staff, and the environment will thank you.


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