Tork Premium Multifold Hand Towels for Mess-Free Cleaning, 12 Packs of 250 Towels Total, Dispenser Compatible


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Keep things spotless and germ-free with the Tork Premium Multifold Hand Towel. This convenient cleaning essential makes wiping up spills and messes a breeze. No more fussing with messy, wasteful rolls of paper towels – just grab one of these super absorbent disposable hand towels when you need it. The large size means you’ll use fewer towels overall, reducing unnecessary waste.

Super Absorbent and Convenient for All Your Cleaning Needs

When accidents happen in the kitchen or bathroom, you need a towel that can tackle even the biggest spills and messes. The Tork Premium Multifold Hand Towel is specially designed to quickly soak up liquid, grease, and grime. The premium quality material rapidly absorbs moisture and wipes surfaces completely clean. No more needing handfuls of flimsy paper towels or having moisture soak through. Just one Tork towel easily handles the mess so you can get back to cooking, cleaning, or bathing.

These disposable hand towels are also perfectly convenient for quick cleanups anytime. Keep them handy by the stove, sink, or changing table for wiping up spills immediately. The slim fold makes them easy to distribute in washrooms and kitchens so everyone has access. For potlucks, BBQs, arts and crafts, and other activities, Tork towels allow for fuss-free cleanup as needed.

Hygienic and Designed to Limit Germ Spread

Maintaining cleanliness and limiting the spread of bacteria is easier with the Tork Premium Multifold Hand Towel. Unlike rolls of paper towels that multiple hands touch, these towels pop up one at a time from the dispenser. This prevents cross-contamination from used sections of paper towels. Fresh towels for every use reduce unnecessary germ spread in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and more.

Tork exceeds healthcare standards for hygiene and has a low rate of towel-related complaints. The premium soft texture is gentle on hands, while still being durable enough for tough cleaning jobs. Say goodbye to germy messes and enjoy cleaner living spaces with Tork.

Specially Designed Dispenser Friendly Packaging

Tork Premium Multifold Hand Towels come specially packaged for easy use with Tork dispensers (sold separately). The lightweight yet sturdy boxes are ergonomically designed for convenient transport and storage. When used with a compatible Tork dispenser, the towels seamlessly pop up one at a time for simple access and to prevent germ spread.

Each box contains 250 premium quality folded towels, measuring approximately 9 inches by 3 inches when folded. Unfolded they are a generous 9 by 9.5 inches – plenty of material to handle major spills and cleanups. With 12 packs totaling 3000 towels, you’ll have a steady supply for all cleaning needs. Keep extra boxes stored away for quick restocking.

Premium Quality at a Great Value

With the Tork Premium Multifold Hand Towel, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for affordability. These towels are designed to be durable and ultra-absorbent. The premium material immediately soaks up spills for quick and effective cleaning. Get superior performance compared to flimsier discount paper towels.

Tork is dedicated to sustainability as well, so you can feel good about using these responsibly made paper towels. Less waste ends up in landfills thanks to the convenient folded format and ability to use just one towel at a time.

Make cleaning a breeze with the soft, rapid-absorbing Tork Premium Multifold Hand Towel. No more messy wads of wasteful paper towels or germy reusable rags. Experience premium quality, convenience, and hygiene with these essential disposable hand towels.


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