Tork Recycled Paper Hand Towels – The Sustainable Choice for Any Busy Restroom


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Keep hands clean and your restroom stocked with Tork Recycled Paper Hand Towels. These bulk packs of 6 durable, 1-ply 800 ft rolls are designed for high traffic restrooms that need a responsible paper towel solution.

Make Hand Hygiene a Pleasant Experience

Tired of rough, thin paper towels that fall apart when wet? Upgrade to the soft yet strong embossed texture of Tork. The natural white paper towels have just the right thickness to get hands thoroughly clean and dry without irritation.

Users will appreciate how these 100% recycled fiber paper hand towels are gentle on hands. The towels have just a hint of texture to help remove grime and dirt efficiently. Getting employees to practice proper hand hygiene is easier when the paper towels are comfortable to use.

Refill High Capacity Dispensers Less Often

No one wants to be constantly refilling paper towel dispensers. It’s a burden on maintenance staff and leads to empty dispensers that discourage hand washing. Each of these Tork paper towel rolls has 800 linear feet of material to maximize time between refills.

The standard 1.9″ diameter core fits most larger capacity dispensers, including popular Tork H21 hands-free electric dispensers. Facilities with high foot traffic will appreciate only having to reload every few days instead of daily.

Reduce Waste with Compostable Paper Towels

Paper towels made from 100% recycled fiber are an earth-friendly choice. The natural brown paper towels can be commercially composted after use to complete the recycling loop. Composting reduces landfill contributions and turns used towels into nutrient-rich soil.

Tork paper towels help facilities move towards reduced waste operations. Unlike virgin pulp paper towels, these towels don’t rely on new tree harvesting. Making paper towels from recycled materials cuts down on water and energy demands compared to manufacturing from scratch.

Universal 1-Ply Design for Any Restroom

The simple 1-ply white paper towels work well in any busy restroom environment. Use them in office buildings, schools, hospitals, stores, restaurants, and more. The versatile towels are soft enough for comfort yet durable enough for tough cleaning jobs.

Restock paper towel dispensers less often with the 800 ft bulk rolls. The compatible 1.9″ core fits larger roll dispensers. Reduce waste without sacrificing performance.

Keep Your Facility Hygienic and Eco-Friendly

Choose Tork Recycled Paper Hand Towels for your business’s restroom needs. The soft 1-ply embossed paper hand towels make hand hygiene pleasant while standing up to heavy use. Reduce refill frequency with the extra-large 800 ft rolls. And keep excess paper waste out of landfills with these responsible 100% recycled fiber paper towels. Order a bulk pack of 6 rolls today!


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