Tork Soft Centerfeed Hand Towel White M2, High Absorbency, Hygienic One-at-a-Time Dispensing, 100% Recycled, ECOLOGO Certified, 12 Rolls (600 Sheets Per Roll)


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Tork Soft Centerfeed Hand Towels deliver an elevated hand drying experience for your guests while optimizing efficiency and sustainability for your business. These premium 2-ply white paper towels strike the perfect balance between softness and high absorbency to leave hands thoroughly clean and dry after just one towel.

One-at-a-Time Dispensing Minimizes Cross-Contamination

The innovative centerfeed design allows guests to take just one towel at a time, reducing waste and opportunities for cross-contamination. Since multiple guests are not reaching into a stack of towels, the risk of spreading germs is greatly decreased. This improves hand hygiene and gives guests added peace of mind.

Soft and Absorbent for a Luxurious Drying Experience

These towels feature a soft, cloth-like feel that is gentle on hands. The 2-ply construction provides high absorbency to quickly soak up water and eliminate dampness effectively after washing. Hands are left completely dry after a single use, for maximum comfort and cleanliness.

Efficient Centerfeed Format Maximizes Usage

With 600 sheets per roll and 12 rolls included, this case contains a total of 7,200 towels. The centerfeed format allows continuous dispensing so staff spend less time refilling. Rolls are designed to fit Tork Matic® and Tork PeakServe® Continuous Hand Towel Dispensers.

Made from 100% Recycled Paper

These BPA-free paper towels are manufactured entirely from recycled fibers and have obtained ECOLOGO certification. Using recycled materials reduces landfill waste and supports a positive sustainability profile.

Verified Compostable After Use

The towels are certified compostable, meaning they will biodegrade quickly when disposed of properly after use. This further reduces the environmental impact compared to conventional paper towels.

Tork Quality You Can Trust

Tork is the global leader in professional hygiene, supplying high-quality paper products to businesses, offices, schools, healthcare facilities, and more. These towels uphold Tork’s reputation for reliability and performance. Expect excellent results from each sheet, roll after roll.


  • Number of Rolls: 12
  • Sheets per Roll: 600
  • Total Sheets in Case: 7,200
  • Sheet Dimensions: 11.8” x 9.4”
  • Roll Dimensions: 7.6” diameter x 590” length
  • Core Inner Diameter: 2.9”
  • Basis Weight: 22 lbs
  • Ply: 2
  • Sheet Color: White
  • Certifications: ECOLOGO, Green Seal, EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines


Tork Soft Centerfeed Hand Towels are ideal for:

  • Restrooms
  • Hotels and hospitality businesses
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Cafeterias
  • Office buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Airports, trains, bus stations
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Gyms and health clubs
  • Retail stores

Any high-traffic location will benefit from the one-at-a-time dispensing, softness, absorbency, and efficiency of these towels. The white color provides a clean, professional appearance.

Give your guests and employees the ultimate hand drying experience with Tork Soft Centerfeed Hand Towels. Order a case today to keep your business well-stocked with these high-quality, sustainable paper towels.


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