Transcend Your Shower into a Relaxing Spa Experience with the Power and Luxury of the Waterpik Hair Wand Pulse Spa System


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Treat yourself to the blissful combination of a high-pressure pulsating shower wand and an extra-large luxurious rain shower head with the Waterpik Hair Wand Pulse Spa System. This 2-in-1 shower upgrade delivers a customized spa experience right in your own bathroom.

The signature feature of the Hair Wand Pulse is the handheld shower wand with pulsating massage technology that provides a deeply soothing scalp massage while rinsing hair thoroughly. The unique pulsations reach deep to invigorate roots and relax tension. Choose from four rejuvenating spray modes to nurture hair and body.

In addition to the massage wand, this system includes a 7-inch wide rain shower head with eight indulgent spray modes from gentle mist to invigorating massage. The extra-large size drenches your whole body in warmth and comfort. The Power Pulse massage setting delivers up to twice the force of other massage shower heads for tension melting relief.

Together, these two shower fixtures offer the best of both worlds – targeted massage from the wand and full-body relaxation under the rain shower. The ultra-flexible 8-foot metal hose gives you the freedom to use them separately or together.

Transform Your Shower into a Spa-Like Retreat

After a long, stressful day, find your happy place with a rejuvenating shower experience. The customized combinations of the Hair Wand Pulse system turn your daily routine into a spa-like escape:

Start with the Power Comb spray setting on the wand for a stimulating scalp massage as it rinses shampoo from your hair. The unique pulsations invigorate roots and banish tension.
Next, choose the Soothe setting on the rain shower head for a soothing waterfall as you apply conditioner and let it penetrate deep.
Rinse hair thoroughly with the massage wand on Power Comb or Massage mode while tension melts away.
Finish with the Invigorate massage spray on the rain shower to energize your senses.
The relaxing scalp massage reaches deep to loosen tension while the rain shower cocoons your whole body in therapeutic warmth and comfort. The Hair Wand Pulse system brings the luxury spa experience home.

Customize Your Relaxation

With 12 total settings between the shower wand and rain shower head, you can customize your preferences each day. Find your perfect combination of massage intensity, warmth, and comfort.

The shower wand offers four settings:

Power Comb – High-pressure pulsating spray provides a stimulating deep cleanse.
Massage – Kneading pulsations target sore muscles for relief.
Mixed – Combination of full spray and pulsating massage.
Full Spray – Invigorating full body rinse.
The oversized rain shower head has eight modes:

Power Pulse – Most intense waterfall massage up to 2X stronger than standard.
Rain – Wide gentle rain shower to envelope the body.
Rain/Massage – Half rain and half pulsing massage.
Massage – Kneading spray to ease muscle soreness.
Mist – Light relaxing mist.
Massage/Mist – Half kneading massage and half gentle mist.
Economy – Full rain shower to conserve water.
Off – Pause the water flow.
With this many settings between the two shower heads, you can customize the water temperature, pressure, and pulsation to nourish your body and liberate your mind. The Hair Wand Pulse system offers total relaxation on demand.

Easy DIY Installation – No Plumber Required

Installation takes just minutes with easy step-by-step instructions. No special tools or plumbing experience required!

The system uses any standard shower arm and includes all the parts needed. Simply remove your current shower head, attach the diverter valve to the shower arm, then connect the bracket for the rain shower head and mount the wand holder.

Then snap the extra-large rain shower head onto the arm and slide the flexible metal hose through the wand holder. Attach the shower wand, turn on the water, and start enjoying your luxurious spa experience!

The diverter valve lets you seamlessly switch between the rain shower, handheld wand, or use both together.

Experience Total Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Give yourself the gift of peaceful relaxation with a customized spa shower right at home. The Hair Wand Pulse system’s combination of massage wand and rain shower pampers your body and soothes your soul.

The pulsating wand targets sore muscles and invigorates roots while the extra-large rain shower drenches the entire body in therapeutic warmth and comfort. Personalize the water pressure, pulsations, and temperature for total tension relief.

After a long stressful day, find your happy place with the Hair Wand Pulse system’s powerful, luxurious hydrotherapy. Renew your body and refresh your mind with your own personal spa.


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