Transform Any Window into a Work of Art with Volcanics Stunning Rainbow Window Film


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Tired of boring, plain windows that offer little privacy? Spice up any room and add a pop of color with Volcanics brilliant rainbow window film. This innovative product turns ordinary glass into a gorgeous stained glass masterpiece.

The rainbow effect created by Volcanics window film is simply mesmerizing. As sunlight streams in, it fractures into a dazzling display of color. Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and violets dance across the glass, bathing your room in a warm, cheerful glow. It’s like living in your own kaleidoscope!

This transparent vinyl film applies easily to any smooth surface. Just peel off the backing and stick it on. No messy adhesives or chemicals needed! The static cling design adheres firmly to glass doors and windows without leaving any sticky residue. When it’s time to take it down or move it, the film removes cleanly.

Features and Benefits


While allowing light to filter in, Volcanics rainbow window film obscures visibility and protects your privacy. The see-through effect provides a semi-private barrier, perfect for bathrooms, office spaces, classrooms and more. Keep your personal environment or activities concealed without fully blocking out natural illumination.

UV Protection

Block up to 96% of ultraviolet rays with Volcanics window film. Harmful UV light contributes to fading and damage on floors, furniture, artwork and more. Protect your belongings and spaces from the sun’s bleaching effects.

Glare Reduction

Cut down on eye-straining glare by up to 79%. Diffused light creates a softer ambiance for work and relaxation.

Energy Efficiency

Save on electricity bills all year long. This window film acts as insulation by rejecting up to 85% of solar heat gain in warmer months. In colder seasons, it creates an extra barrier to trap warmth inside. Enjoy energy savings of up to 30%!

Rainbow Design

Choose from an enchanting selection of multi-colored horizontal striped films. Opt for bold primary hues or pastel shades. Mix and match for a custom stained glass aesthetic.

Easy Application

Applying Volcanics rainbow window film is simple and straightforward. Just clean the glass surface, measure and cut the film to size, peel off the backing and smooth on. Easily reposition as needed during installation – no need to stick it perfectly on the first try.

Reusable & Removable

The static cling vinyl sticks smoothly and securely with no messy adhesive residue left behind. When you’re ready to change your look, simply peel off and repurpose the film. It can be reused multiple times thanks to the glue-free design.

Where to Use

Windows – instantly upgrade plain, boring windows with mesmerizing rainbow effects and added privacy

Glass doors – obscure visibility while allowing light into entryways, patios, offices and more

Bathrooms – provide a semi-private barrier and inject colorful flair

Classrooms – control glare on whiteboards and create an engaging environment for students

Office spaces – increase comfort by diffusing harsh lighting and reducing sun exposure

Fences/railings – enclose outdoor stairs, balconies, and walkways with a safety barrier that also looks fantastic

Division walls – define spaces and enhance visual interest in open floor plans

Decor accents – use smaller pieces to dress up mirrors, cabinets, hutches and other surfaces

Application Tips

Applying Volcanics rainbow window film is simple, but following these tips will ensure flawless results:

Thoroughly clean the glass surface and eliminate any grease, dirt or moisture that could impede adhesion
Carefully measure the window or area you intend to cover and cut the film to an appropriate size
Allow a couple extra inches on all sides to accommodate repositioning
Mist the glass lightly with water or application fluid to enable moving the film into place
Peel back the backing about 10 inches and fold under
Line up one edge of the film and smooth on from top to bottom
Use a squeegee or plastic card to remove any bubbles or wrinkles
Slowly peel off the backing as you stick the film, smoothing as you go
Take your time and reapply any pieces that don’t adhere cleanly on the first try
Trim off any excess material around the edges for a tidy, professional finish
With it’s stunning rainbow colors, superior functionality and easy application, Volcanics window film is guaranteed to add beauty, privacy and energy efficiency to any space. Order your sheet today and reinvent your windows!


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