Transform Your Bathroom with the YeYeBest Over The Toilet Storage Shelf – The Ultimate Space Saving Solution


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Is your bathroom cluttered with bottles, jars, towels and other essentials crammed onto your countertops and overflowing from your vanity? Are you looking for a way to neatly organize your space and free up precious room in your home’s smallest room? The YeYeBest Over The Toilet Storage Shelf is the perfect solution to maximize your storage and create order in the bathroom.

This innovative 4-tier shelving unit installs in minutes above your toilet tank, utilizing the often overlooked space between the wall and toilet to its full potential. Its sleek space-saving design adds storage while complementing any decor from modern to traditional. Extend the tidiness up the wall and even to the ceiling with this smart organizer that keeps everything in its place.

Space-Saving Design Fits in the Tightest Spots

Don’t let its slender silhouette fool you – this shelving unit boasts ample room to organize toiletries, spare towels, toilet paper and anything else you need to store. Its four shelves provide personalized storage with adjustable heights to accommodate different sized items. Tailor the shelves to your storage needs, fitting tall bottles on the lower racks and smaller items up top.

The open metal wire frame allows you to easily view and access contents without rummaging. Stainless steel poles extend all the way to the ceiling for maximum height, while the bottom shelf perches just above the tank to make the most of the narrow area behind your toilet.

Effortless Installation in Minutes

Installation takes just minutes with no tools required. The shelving unit comes fully assembled – just attach the adjustable ceiling mount, secure the bottom over your tank, and tighten the knobs to lock it in place. No difficult measuring, drilling holes in your wall or painstaking assembly. All necessary hardware is included for a frustration-free setup.

Its unique design eliminates the need for wall attachments, using pressure between the ceiling and tank to keep the storage shelf firmly in place. This makes installation quick and easy in any bathroom. Rental-friendly and ideal for apartments, the freestanding shelf leaves no trace when removed.

Fully Customizable to Fit Your Bathroom and Storage Needs

Not all bathrooms are created equal. YeYeBest designed this over toilet organizer with full adjustability to accommodate ceilings of any height and toilets of any size. Each shelf height can be positioned independently to create the ideal storage solution for your space.

With heights ranging from 15.5 inches on the lowest rack to over 4 feet on the top shelf, you can store tall toilet paper packs, bulky towels and everything in between. For extra small bathrooms, adjust the shelves downward for a more compact profile. The shelves hold a total weight capacity of 55 pounds when evenly distributed.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction Built to Last

The frame and shelves are constructed from premium thickened stainless steel coated in a bronze hammered finish. This lends a decorative touch that resists rust, fingerprints, scratches and water damage from splashes.

The steel is strong enough to hold all your bathroom necessities without sagging or swaying. Foam padded feet prevent slippage and protect your floors from scratches. Designed for durability and stability, this storage shelf will serve your family for years to come.

Get Organized with a Place for Everything

The YeYeBest Over The Toilet Storage Shelf will transform your bathroom into a model of organization. Here are just some of the ways this shelf can help:

Store extra rolls of toilet paper, wipes and facial tissue within easy reach.
Clear clutter from the countertop by storing shampoos, soaps, lotions and sprays on lower shelves.
Keep stacks of folded washcloths, handtowels and bath towels neat and tidy.
Create more space for decorative jars, vases, framed photos and other accents.
Organize cleaning supplies like toilet bowl cleaner and brushes out of sight but close at hand.
Keep fresh folded PJs, underwear and socks in easy reach.
Make room for candles, potpourri, essential oil diffusers to set the mood.
love Your Bathroom Again

The right storage makes all the difference in a room. Amp up your organization with the YeYeBest Over The Toilet Storage Shelf. Reclaim order and make your mornings and evenings flow smoother by cutting down the time spent tidying and searching.

With its space-saving design, adjustable shelves, quick no-fuss installation and durable construction, this storage shelf has everything you need to optimize your bathroom. Just imagine the bliss of walking into a newly organized oasis, with a place for everything and everything in its place.

Bring peace, harmony and tidiness to your home with this must-have bathroom organizer. Click Add to Cart now to get organized!

We know you’ll love your purchase, but rest assured it’s backed by our 90-day money back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied.


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