Transform Your Bathroom with the YMYMGGI Lighted Mirror – Flawless Clarity and Beautiful Illumination for Your Makeup and Grooming Rituals


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Getting ready for the day or winding down at night is so much easier with proper lighting that reveals your true, beautiful self in the mirror. Dark, shadowy bathrooms with poor lighting are a thing of the past thanks to the YMYMGGI Lighted Bathroom Mirror, the perfect combination of form and function.

First impressions count, and this mirror makes it easy to look your absolute best every day. The YMYMGGI mirror provides perfect clarity and visibility that flatters while you apply makeup, style your hair, shave, tweeze eyebrows, and evaluate your flawless complexion up close. The ultra-clear reflective glass gives an accurate, vivid reflection without any distortion. The crisp light eliminates shadows and ensures you can see every detail as you get ready to take on the day and night.

Beyond visibility, this smart mirror also creates a beautiful focal point in your bathroom with its sleek, modern design. The thin yet sturdy aluminum frame adds a touch of contemporary style and the round corners add softness. Place it above your sink as a stunning centerpiece that completes your bathroom. The generous 24 inch x 32 inch viewing area provides ample space for head-to-toe assessing as you perfect your look. Use the handy horizontal or vertical installation to match your space. This versatile, functional lighted mirror fits the décor of any bathroom.

See Yourself in the Best Possible Light

Truly see yourself with the YMYMGGI mirror’s innovative dual lighting system that produces breathtaking clarity and radiance. Experience the power of double illumination with LED strips on both the front and back. The ample, adjustable lighting ensures you see every detail, even for tricky tasks like applying eyeliner. Customize the brightness with the easy touch controls to create perfect lighting for any activity.

The backlighting illuminates you and your reflection to reveal your true image without shadows getting in the way. Soft, multidirectional lighting comes from behind for a flattering look. The LEDs are long-lasting for years of trouble-free use.

In addition, the handy built-in front LED light bar brightly illuminates your face so you can get up close for precision grooming. Brighten up your smile, highlight your eyes, and see every facial feature in perfect clarity. The adjustable lighting lets you customize the brightness and color temperature from a warm 3000K glow to an energizing cool 6000K brilliance.

Long-Lasting Anti-Fog Performance Keeps Your Reflection Crystal Clear

Tired of your mirror fogging up right when you need it most? The YMYMGGI Lighted Mirror uses advanced anti-fog technology to maintain a fog-free surface. Simply press the anti-fog button to activate the long-lasting performance. The mirror stays clear of fog, steam, and condensation even in the steamiest bathrooms. Check your appearance after a hot shower without having to wipe down the mirror. The convenient anti-fogging lasts for over an hour and turns off automatically to prevent overheating and conserve energy.

The anti-fog feature relies on a thin film coating bonded securely to the back of the mirror. This invisible coating contains microparticles that evenly distribute condensing water across the surface rather than forming disruptive droplets that cause fog. Enjoy clear visibility and a pristine reflection without fog disrupting your grooming sessions.

Safe, Secure and Convenient Installation

The YMYMGGI Lighted Mirror takes the guesswork out of installation with smart design features that make it easy to mount securely on your wall. The sturdy aluminum frame provides durability along with pleasing style. This frame comes with all the necessary hardware and components for a frustration-free mounting process. Connect the power cord to your electrical outlet or take advantage of the handy hardwired capability by connecting the wires directly to a wall switch. The included 5 foot cord allows flexible placement in your space.

The tempered glass is completely shatterproof for safe use around your family. Even if struck or impacted, the glass will not break into sharp shards. The durable, heat-strengthened glass stands up to heavy daily use. The specialized tempering process compresses the outside layer so the glass simply breaks into larger pieces without dangerous edges. You can have peace of mind knowing the glass is secure and resilient.

Experience the YMYMGGI Difference: Superior Performance and Carefree Use

Transform your bathroom and your daily ritual with this ingeniously designed lighted mirror. The advanced features come together to provide an unparalleled experience:

Flawless anti-fog properties keep the mirror clear
Adjustable front and back lighting prevent shadows and imperfections
Shatterproof tempered glass for security and peace of mind
Sleek, stylish design accentuates your bathroom’s décor
Horizontal and vertical installation for the perfect placement
Easy installation with all hardware included
Touch controls make customizing the lighting a breeze
Memory function recall preferred light settings
Long-lasting, energy efficient LEDs provide years of performance
Generous size for head-to-toe viewing as you get ready

The YMYMGGI Lighted Mirror combines cutting-edge design, clinical-level lighting, and hassle-free usability. Investing in the proper visibility ensures you always look your best and makes daily grooming genuinely enjoyable. This smart bathroom upgrade helps reveal your inner glow.


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