Transform Your Bathroom with this Elegant yet Functional 5-Piece Black Bathroom Hardware Set


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Give your bathroom a sleek, modern update with this complete 5-piece black bathroom hardware set from Warepro. With a matte black finish and premium stainless steel construction, this set will add a touch of contemporary style and functionality to your space.

Includes Everything You Need to Elevate Your Bathroom

This set comes with all the essential hardware to create a pulled-together, spa-like bathroom environment. It includes:

  • 23-inch hand towel bar – Provides plenty of room to neatly hang multiple towels within easy reach.
  • Toilet paper holder – Features a shelf that keeps extra rolls handy and prevents frustrating mid-use rollouts.
  • Towel ring – Perfect for hanging hand towels or washcloths.
  • 2 robe hooks – Lets you hang bathrobes, larger towels, or clothing up and out of the way.

With all these useful accessories, you’ll spend less time hunting down towels or juggling toilet paper rolls.

Thoughtful Design Adds Storage and Convenience

One standout feature of this set is the smart shelf on the toilet paper holder. Having a dedicated spot to store extra rolls helps you avoid the annoyance of running out mid-use or fishing for a new roll under the sink. The shelf also provides a handy ledge for your phone, glasses, or small toiletries while you’re on the throne.

The 23-inch towel bar has ample room for multiple towels, while the dual robe hooks let you hang two robes or large towels side by side. Both features allow you to neatly store essential items within arm’s reach for a clutter-free, spa-like look.

Durable Materials and Matte Black Finish

Constructed from premium SUS304 stainless steel, these bathroom accessories are built to withstand moisture and everyday use without showing wear. The corrosion-resistant steel prevents rusting, tarnishing, and scratches.

The matte black finish gives this hardware set a sophisticated, modern look. The dark muted tone matches any décor and adds a touch of refinement to your space. Unlike shiny finishes that show water spots and smudges, the matte surface easily wipes clean after bathing.

Easy DIY Installation

Installing this bathroom hardware set is a simple DIY project, even for novice hangers. All necessary mounting hardware, including screws and anchors, are included along with an allen key and easy-to-follow instructions.

Each piece is designed to effortlessly mount onto drywall. Just mark your desired location, drill pilot holes, and secure the included mounting plates with the provided screws and anchors. Then easily snap each accessory onto the plates and you’re done. No need to purchase any extra hardware or tools!

An Affordable Bathroom Upgrade

Redecorating your entire bathroom can take a big bite out of your wallet, but this black bathroom hardware set lets you refresh your space on a budget. For one affordable price, you get a cohesive set of high-quality accessories that give your bathroom a put-together, elegant look.

The multi-piece set also prevents you from having to purchase each accessory separately. Plus it ensures all your hardware perfectly matches.

Liven Up Your Bathroom with This Sleek Black Hardware

Ditch the old mismatched hardware and treat your bathroom to this complete 5-piece set in matte black. With its contemporary color, durable steel construction, and functional design, this accessory set adds modern style and convenience to your bath. Simply install each intelligent piece in minutes to create a hotel-worthy bathroom environment.


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