Transform Your Fireplace into a Cozy Birch Forest with Utheer’s Realistic Ceramic Gas Logs


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Experience the warmth and ambiance of a natural wood-burning fire without the mess and hassle with Utheer’s set of 6 large ceramic birch logs. These incredibly realistic logs are handcrafted from durable ceramic fibers to recreate the captivating look and feel of real birch firewood. Give your vented gas fireplace, outdoor fire pit, or electric fireplace insert an instant authentic upgrade.

Rekindle Cozy Nights by the Fire Minus the Smoke and Ash

Cold weather and shorter days beg for the warmth and comfort of an evening fire. But who has time to chop wood, start a blaze, and clean up the inevitable mess these days? Utheer’s set of faux birch logs lets you enjoy the ambiance and heat of a wood fire anytime with the flip of a switch.

Safe, Convenient Alternative to Real Wood

Each log is sculpted from non-toxic ceramic fibers to realistically emulate the texture, shape, and color variations of natural birch wood. When placed over the flames or glowing embers in your fireplace, these fake logs mimic real wood but without releasing harmful fumes, crackling sounds, flying sparks, or messy ash.

Utheer’s gas fireplace logs are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, so you can enjoy flickering, fiery ambiance without the logs degrading over time. The durable ceramic material brings long-lasting beauty and authenticity to any vented gas fireplace or outdoor fire feature.

Warm Up Your Space Inside and Out

Whether you want to cozy up next to your indoor fireplace on a chilly evening or lounge by the fire pit on your patio after dark, Utheer’s birch logs set the scene. Use them in vented gas fireplaces, propane fire pits, natural gas pits, ethanol fireplaces, and more. The ceramic logs burn cleanly without smoke, odor, or ash to bring you the essence of a wood fire anywhere.

Handcrafted with Care to Mimic Nature

Each log is individually molded and painted by skilled artisans to recreate the gnarls, knots, cracks, and color variations of natural birch wood harvested from the forest. The realistic textures and charming imperfections make these the next best thing to burning real wood.

The set includes:

  • 2 extra large logs measuring approximately 16 inches long
  • 2 large logs approximately 16 inches long
  • 2 medium logs approximately 15.7 inches long

With an average diameter between 2.6 and 4.7 inches, the logs are sized to arrange in a pleasing, natural pattern across your fireplace or fire pit. The birch wood tones and silvery bark finish add a rustic, outdoorsy style to any space.

Enjoy Soothing, Naturalistic Flames

The porous structure of the ceramic fiber logs allows your gas fireplace’s flames to dance and flicker between the crevices, just like real burning wood. As the logs heat up, you’ll see the glow of “embers” in the cracks and knots. The combination of movement, sound, and glow takes the ambiance to the next level.

Follow our tips on log placement to allow proper air circulation so they heat evenly and avoid blackening. Pair with fire glass or ember bed filler for added sparkle and a fuller flame effect.

Rest Assured with Our Guarantee

Utheer proudly stands behind our ceramic gas logs with a satisfaction guarantee. Our logs are carefully packaged in molded foam inserts to arrive safely at your door.

We’re happy to address any questions or concerns to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the ambiance and performance of your new flame-resistant birch log set. Give your fireplace an instant woodsy upgrade with Utheer’s incredibly realistic logs.


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