Transform Your Health with the YUNMAI S Bluetooth Body Composition Smart Scale


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Tired of guesswork when it comes to your health and fitness goals? Ready to get accurate insights into your body composition so you can make informed decisions about your wellbeing? The YUNMAI S Bluetooth Body Composition Smart Scale is here to revolutionize your health journey.

With cutting-edge BIA sensors built into sleek tempered glass, the YUNMAI S scale precisely measures and tracks 10 essential body composition metrics – weight, BMI, body fat %, bone mass, muscle mass ratio, protein, visceral fat, body water %, body age, and BMR.

Simply step on the scale barefoot and in seconds you’ll have insights no ordinary scale can provide. The free YUNMAI app lets you track these metrics over time, spot healthy and unhealthy trends, and use the data to reach your fitness objectives faster.

10 Body Composition Metrics for Complete Health Insights

Ordinary scales only tell you your weight – but weight alone can’t tell you the full story. The YUNMAI S digs deeper to empower you with 10 body composition factors you need for optimal health:

Weight – Track your weight fluctuations to spot trends and progress.

BMI – Know if your weight is in a healthy range for your height.

Body Fat % – Measure body fat to gauge risk of obesity and related illnesses.

Bone Mass – Estimate bone density to check for risk of osteoporosis over time.

Muscle Mass Ratio – Monitor muscle mass changes from diet and exercise.

Protein – Get a rough estimate of your protein levels.

Visceral Fat – Check this “hidden” belly fat that can be very unhealthy.

Body Water % – Estimate if you’re properly hydrated or retain too much water.

Body Age – See if your body metrics indicate an older or younger body age.

BMR – Determine calories burned if sedentary for weight management.

With metrics like these, you have unprecedented insights into what’s going on inside your body – the good, the bad, and the areas that need work. You can catch unhealthy changes early before they become serious issues.

Syncs to Top Health and Fitness Apps

Monitoring your body composition metrics is most powerful when you can observe trends over time. The YUNMAI S syncs to top health and fitness apps via Bluetooth so you can track long-term changes.

The free YUNMAI app records all your body metrics history, goals, and progress. For even deeper insights, the scale also syncs to Samsung Health, Google Fit, Fitbit App, and Apple Health. Now you can integrate body composition data into your overall fitness and diet program.

The YUNMAI app also offers social features to keep you motivated. Compare your stats anonymously to people of similar gender and age. Join challenges and earn badges for hitting health milestones. Stay inspired on your journey to better health.

Sleek, Modern Design

With its spacious 16 x 16 inch form factor and sleek glass surface, the YUNMAI S brings modern elegance to any bathroom. The extra-large tempered glass platform provides plenty of room for dual foot placement, improving body metric accuracy.

Four precise G-shaped sensors integrated seamlessly into the glass measure body metrics using proven BIA bioelectrical impedance analysis technology. Readings display crisply on the hidden LED display before disappearing, leaving just clean, stylish glass.

For ultimate convenience, the YUNMAI S runs on a built-in rechargeable battery. The included micro USB charging cable keeps it powered up and ready to use anywhere.

Easy, Intuitive Use for the Whole Family

Using the YUNMAI S scale is enjoyable for the whole family. Step on barefoot – no buttons to press. Measurements complete in seconds and sync automatically via Bluetooth.

The free YUNMAI app provides an intuitive dashboard to view your metrics, trends, and progress towards goals. Data displays in easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

The app lets you create unlimited user profiles, perfect for families. Secured with a PIN, each family member can track their own data privately. With 16 user memories on each scale, you can share it across family members or use privately in multiple locations.

Over 2 million people have already improved their health journey with YUNMAI scales and the community keeps growing. Join the movement towards fitter, happier lives backed by body metric insights you can trust.

Transform Your Health Starting Today

Don’t settle for lackluster data about your health – equip yourself with the insights you need to truly transform your body and life. With the YUNMAI S Bluetooth Body Composition Smart Scale, you’ll have an accurate body composition breakdown to fuel your fitness and wellness journey like never before.


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