Transform Your Home into a Luxurious Scented Sanctuary with The Ritz-Carlton Home Diffuser Scent Cartridge – Sanctuary – White Tea & Thyme


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Escape to your own private oasis and surround yourself with luxurious aromas reminiscent of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s signature scents with the Ritz-Carlton Home Diffuser Scent Cartridge – Sanctuary – White Tea & Thyme. This exclusive scent cartridge fills your home with soothing top notes of citrus and bergamot layered with the richness of white tea and a hint of thyme. As the scent unfolds, delicate floral notes of jasmine and lavender emerge, infusing your space with tranquil elegance. The fragrance culminates in warm amber undertones, creating a perfectly balanced, intoxicating scent that transforms any room into a relaxing sanctuary.

With The Ritz-Carlton brand’s dedication to unparalleled quality and refinement, this scent cartridge utilizes innovative dry air technology to whisk away cooking odors, pet smells, and other unwanted aromas. The discreet and compact diffuser allows you to customize the scent intensity to your preference for a personalized fragrance experience. Each long-lasting cartridge provides an extraordinary 300 hours of continuous home fragrance, immersing your living spaces in the memorable signature scents of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel for weeks on end.

Elevate your home with the luxurious aromas of a Ritz-Carlton oasis and create a relaxing sanctuary anywhere you desire with The Ritz-Carlton Home Diffuser Scent Cartridge – Sanctuary – White Tea & Thyme.

Signature Scents Straight from Luxury Ritz-Carlton Hotels

The Ritz-Carlton brand is synonymous with luxury, refinement, and unparalleled service – values that are infused into every element of the guest experience. This includes the signature scents that greet Ritz-Carlton guests as they step into the elegant lobby. Developed exclusively for Ritz-Carlton hotels in Vienna, Atlanta, and Washington D.C., these complex fragrances encapsulate the essence of each unique property.

With top notes of zesty citrus and bergamot paired with soothing white tea and a hint of thyme, the Ritz-Carlton Home Diffuser Scent Cartridge – Sanctuary – White Tea & Thyme evokes the memorable fragrance of the idyllic Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, located steps from the iconic Vienna Woods. As the scent unfolds, delicate jasmine and lavender notes emerge, reminiscent of the luxurious Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta and its focus on relaxation and rejuvenation.

The fragrance experience concludes with warm amber undertones, transporting you back to the refined sophistication of the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown in Washington D.C. With just one scent cartridge, you can surround yourself with fragrances from three distinct luxury Ritz-Carlton sanctuaries across the globe.

Innovative Dry Air Technology for Powerful, Lasting Fragrance

Traditional fragrance diffusers often rely on water or heat, which dilute oils and burn off delicate notes. The Ritz-Carlton Home Diffuser utilizes innovative dry air technology to circulate every nuanced layer of our exclusive hotel-inspired fragrances throughout your space.

The compact diffuser unit simply plugs into any outlet and uses a quiet fan to diffuse the scent molecules into the air. Without water, heat, or oils weakening the fragrance, you’ll enjoy the same vibrant, authentic notes that greet Ritz-Carlton guests.

The diffuser also features an adjustable intensity dial, allowing you to customize the fragrance to your exact preference. Turn up the intensity to immerse a large room in your favorite Ritz-Carlton scents or lower the setting for a soft, subtle aroma.

300 Hours of Extraordinary Home Fragrance

While many diffuser cartridges last only a few weeks, our Ritz-Carlton Home Diffuser Scent Cartridges are designed to deliver extraordinary fragrance experiences. Each compact cartridge provides approximately 300 hours of sensational scented air before a replacement is needed.

That means you can continuously infuse up to 12 large rooms with memorable Ritz-Carlton scents for over 12 weeks. The long-lasting cartridges limit maintenance while providing your home with lingering layers of luxury, day after day.

Eliminate Unwanted Odors and Create an Oasis

The diffuser’s powerful dry air technology doesn’t just circulate beautiful fragrances – it also whisks away unwanted odors. Place it in your kitchen to eliminate cooking smells or use it in a bathroom to banish unpleasant aromas. Pet owners can destress their homes by diffusing away pet odors.

Within moments, the diffuser overwhelmed odorous molecules in the air, replacing them with the refreshing scents of citrus, tea, and blossoms. Transform any room plagued by bad smells into a luxurious oasis with The Ritz-Carlton Home Diffuser Scent Cartridge – Sanctuary – White Tea & Thyme.

Your Own Private Ritz-Carlton Sanctuary

Bring the memorable fragrances of luxury Ritz-Carlton hotels into your home with The Ritz-Carlton Home Diffuser Scent Cartridge – Sanctuary – White Tea & Thyme. With perfumed layers of bergamot, white tea, jasmine, and warm amber, this exclusive cartridge infuses your space with soothing, balanced aromas.

Utilizing the same dry air technology found in Ritz-Carlton lobbies and guest rooms, our diffuser whisks away odors while circulating every nuanced note for over 300 hours. Customize your scent experience and create a relaxing, luxurious oasis in any room. Experience the refined hospitality of Ritz-Carlton with your own personal sanctuary, straight from our signature collection of luxury fragrances.


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