Transform Your Home with this Distressed Medallion Washable Area Rug


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Tired of staring at dull, boring floors? Make a design statement and pull any room together with this beautiful distressed multicolor medallion area rug from Brand. Handmade from durable polyester this area rug is sure to be the focal point of your space.

Featuring a medallion style pattern in distressed beige, blue, red, and ivory this area rug brings a pop of color and texture to your home. The distressed detailing gives this rug personality and makes it unique while the multicolor design ensures it will match any style decor from farmhouse to traditional.

Stain Resistant and Pet Friendly

Life happens and spills and accidents are inevitable especially if you have kids or pets. That’s why this area rug was designed with stain resistance in mind. The polyester material prevents liquids from absorbing into the rug. If your pup has an accident, you can simply wipe the rug clean with a damp cloth. No more worrying about permanent stains or odors lingering.

Pets can wreak havoc on floors and rugs but this durable design can withstand claws, urine, dirt, food spills, and more. The material and construction is kid and pet friendly making it perfect for high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and more.

Non Slip Backing for Safety

Slippery rugs can cause dangerous falls but not this one! This area rug features a non slip TPE backing that grips to hard floors to prevent sliding. No need for rug pads or sticky tape. The non slip backing keeps the rug securely in place while also protecting your existing floors from scratches.

The non slip feature also prevents the rug from buckling or shifting while you walk on it. No more tripping hazards. The flat profile creates an even, safe surface in high traffic zones.

Easy Maintenance with Machine Washable Design

Spills and messes happen but this rug is easy to clean and maintain. Just toss it in the washing machine to refresh the colors and remove dirt, debris, and odors. Air dry flat and it’s good to go. No need to pay for expensive professional rug cleaning.

The durable polyester material is colorfast so you don’t have to worry about dyes running or fading over time. The rug will look brand new after washing. Frequent cleaning ensures your rug will look great for years to come.

Vacuuming on occasion will also keep the rug looking fresh between washes. The low pile is easy to vacuum and won’t shed excessively.

Soft Yet Durable Polyester Pile

While stylish and decorative this area rug is also wonderfully soft and comfortable underfoot. The low 0.45 inch pile has a velvet-like feel that is a dream to walk on barefoot. Provides cushy support in high traffic zones like kitchens where you’re often standing for long periods.

The polyester fabric gives it durability and stain resistance while also offering comforting cushioning. Soft yet hardy enough for the dining room, nursery, dorm room or other well used spaces.

The tight polyester weave helps the rug maintain its shape and lie flat rather than buckling. It won’t shed excessively or create lint and fuzz like some rugs.

Perfect Size Options

Available in a range of sizes from 2 x 3 feet up to 8 x 10 feet. Choose the ideal dimensions for small spaces like entryways and bathrooms or larger sizes to fit under dining tables, kitchen islands, living room furniture and more.

Runner sizes like 2 x 7 ft are perfect for hallways while square area rugs like 5 x 5 feet can define cozy spaces in bedrooms or living rooms. The versatile sizing allows you to find the perfect rug no matter your room dimensions.

All sizes feature the same medallion distressed style and non slip backing. Combine different sizes to decorate adjoining rooms.

Ideas for Using This Distressed Washable Area Rug

Define spaces like living room sitting area or dining space
Protect entryway floors from rain, snow, and dirt
Run down the center of a long hallway
Warm up tile floors in the kitchen
Add color and texture to a boring bathroom
Decorate a nursery or children’s bedroom
Muffle noise in a home office
Dress up laundry and utility rooms
Affordable Stylish Floor Covering

Options for stylish floor coverings can be expensive ranging into the hundreds or thousands. This area rug offers big style at a fraction of the cost. The distressed medallion design looks far pricier than it is.

The durable polyester construction ensures a long lasting life so you don’t have to replace your rug anytime soon. An affordable way to decorate your home and protect your existing floors.

There’s no better way to spruce up any room than by rolling out a stylishly designed area rug! This distressed medallion design brings texture, color, and coziness to hard floors in every room. The stain and slip resistant design allows it to withstand the rigors of daily life whether you have kids, pets or lots of foot traffic. Easy to maintain and clean thanks to the durable polyester fabric. Available in a range of sizes to suit all needs and spaces. Refresh your home decor today!


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