Transform Your Kitchen Into an Artisan Bakery with the Victorinox Fibrox 10.25-Inch Bread Knife


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Bread is the staff of life, and a good bread knife is essential for any home baker. Introducing the Victorinox Fibrox 10.25-Inch Bread Knife, the perfect tool for slicing loaves, bagels, and buns with ease. This professional-quality serrated knife features an extra-long blade that glides through crusty artisan breads without crushing the delicate interior. With this knife in your kitchen, you’ll feel like a master baker.

Cut Above the Rest

What sets the Victorinox Bread Knife apart is the expertly crafted 10.25 inch blade. Made of lightweight, ice-tempered high-carbon stainless steel in Switzerland, it holds a superior edge and boasts maximum sharpness. The laser-tested blade has been ground with a widened “brake point” that allows it to slice cleanly without tearing bread.

The unique curved shape and serrated edge are specifically designed to penetrate tough crusts and gently saw through soft interiors – no squishing or ripping your beautiful sourdough here. Enjoy perfect slices every time, whether you’re cutting a warm baguette straight from the oven or a crusty Italian loaf.

Ergonomic Design for Easy Handling

In addition to impeccable craftsmanship, the Fibrox knife features an ergonomic Swiss Classic handle designed for ultimate comfort, safety, and control. The patented Fibrox handle material provides a secure, non-slip grip even when wet so you can slice with confidence. Shaped for balance and leverage, the lightweight bolsterless handle encourages a natural pinch grip around the curve.

Thoughtfully weighted and meticulously crafted, this knife feels agile and balanced in your hand. The handle design allows you to safely apply just the right amount of pressure when sawing through crusty loaves. No hand fatigue, even after working your way through a stack of sourdoughs!

Versatile Utility for Every Kitchen Task

While it truly excels at slicing bread, the Victorinox Fibrox Bread Knife brings its superb Swiss craftsmanship to an array of kitchen tasks:

  • Slice soft cakes and pastries without smashing delicate crumb layers
  • Cut hearty sandwiches in half with clean lines
  • Carve melons, pineapples, and other fruits into perfect portions
  • Slice large slabs of LASAGNA into neat squares for serving
  • Chop chocolate, herbs, and veggies with precision

From desserts to dinner, breakfast to bread, this versatile knife delivers professional results. With a blade over 10 inches long, it can handle larger jobs other knives can’t.

Quality You Can Trust

Victorinox knives have been expertly crafted in Switzerland since 1884. The trusted brand remains dedicated to providing quality cutlery that perfectly blends performance, value, and craftsmanship. Each knife undergoes stringent testing and is held to Swiss precision standards.

Made of premium materials by master cutlers, the Fibrox Bread Knife comes protected by Victorinox’s lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. While incredibly durable, Victorinox recommends hand washing to maintain the knife’s impeccable edge.

Backed by over a century of experience, Victorinox stands behind this bread knife’s quality and craftsmanship. Slice after slice, you’ll appreciate the even, effortless cuts and comfortable handling.

Bring Professional Bread Slicing to Your Kitchen

No more squished sandwiches or ripped baguettes. With the Victorinox Fibrox 10.25-Inch Bread Knife, you’ll feel like an artisan baker crafting perfect slices each time. The expertly designed Swiss blade cuts cleanly through crusty or soft interiors with ease and control.

Bring five-star bread slicing to your kitchen. Order the Victorinox Bread Knife today and transform the way you slice.


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