Transform Your Living Room with the ULTICOR 7-Piece Velvet Stretch Sectional Sofa Covers


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Give your dated or worn L-shaped reclining sofa a makeover with the ULTICOR 7-Piece Velvet Stretch Sectional Sofa Covers. Crafted from an innovated patented design, these luxurious sofa covers are made to fit 5-seat L-shaped recliner sofas perfectly.

The set includes 7 separate pieces – 2 arm covers, 4 seat/backrest covers, and 1 corner piece. The smart design ensures the recliner mechanism can still be operated normally even with the covers on. Elastic edging all around firmly grips the sofa while elastic loops on the sides tie it securely to the frame so it never slips.

Luxurious Velvet Fabric for Ultimate Comfort

These sectional couch covers are constructed from top-quality thick velvet plush that feels heavenly against your skin. The fabric has a rich, elegant sheen that instantly elevates the look of any living room decor.

Available in a range of colors like grey, coffee, green, blue, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect hue to match your existing scheme or completely transform the ambience. The voluminous velvet also effectively hides stains, imperfections, and signs of wear and tear on the actual couch.

Protects Your Sofa Investment from Daily Wear and Tear

With kids and pets running around, it’s impossible to keep your sofa looking pristine no matter how careful you are. These velvet sofa covers are just what you need to protect your expensive L-shaped sectional sofa from premature aging.

By covering up the seats and backs that take the brunt of daily use, the covers preserve your sofa and help save you money by extending its usable lifespan. They also refresh an old, faded sofa and make it look brand new again!

Innovative Design for a Customized Fit

Tired of ill-fitting sofa covers that are either too loose or look uncomfortably stretched out? With ULTICOR’s patented design, you never have to deal with a baggy sofa cover again.

The 7 separate pieces and elastic edging ensure a flawless fit on any standard 5-seat L-shaped reclining sofa. The armrest and backrest covers fit neatly over the contours without any sagging or slipping while the clever corner piece joins it all seamlessly.

For larger sectionals, additional seat and console covers can be purchased separately for full coverage. Follow our easy measurement guide to get the perfect custom-like fit for your sofa.

Keeps Your Sofa Covered Without Obstructing Use

Unlike regular sofa covers, these innovative stretch recliner covers don’t get in the way when you want to kick back and relax. Just pull the side handle to pop out the footrest and enjoy your power reclining sofa like normal without having to adjust or remove the covers constantly.

The covers stay snugly in place whether the footrests are extended or retracted so you don’t have to fuss over them each time someone reclines the sofa. Your sofa stays conveniently covered while remaining fully functional for your family’s comfort.

Effortless to Put On and Maintain

Who wants to struggle with tricky sofa covers that take forever to get just right? Our 7-piece sectional recliner covers go on in minutes with the handy tag-labeled pieces and corner hooks that connect the pieces seamlessly.

Follow our illustrated installation guide and you can dress your sofa by yourself in 15 minutes or less. Keeping them clean is a breeze too – just throw them in the washing machine on cold, gentle cycle when needed.

Choose from Multiple Colors to Match Your Decor

Available in dark grey, chocolate, sage green, navy blue, brick red, and more colors, you can pick the perfect shade to complement your living room.

Tired of your worn white sofa? Go for the rich grey covers for an instant style upgrade. Have a black leather sofa? The chocolate or brick red covers will make it pop. Mix and match colors on each seat for a funky eclectic look.

With ULTICOR Velvet Stretch Sofa Covers, giving your recliner sofa a new lease on life has never been easier. Order a set today and transform your living space!


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