Transform Your Shower into a Spa-like Retreat with the Waterpik Magnetic Dual Dock Adjustable Height Hand Held Shower Head


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Treat yourself to a luxurious, customizable shower experience with the Waterpik Magnetic Dual Dock Adjustable Height Hand Held Shower Head. This innovative shower head features a flexible design that allows you to adjust the height a full 10 inches, from 42 to 52 inches, making it perfect for households with users of varying heights. The magnetic dock also securely holds the shower head in place, allowing easy one-handed adjustment of the spray angle while preventing accidental droppage.

With 8 different spray settings including the patented PowerPulse massage mode, you can customize your shower to suit your mood and needs each day. The PowerPulse massage provides double the massage force of standard shower heads, working wonders on sore muscles and easing daily tension. Choose from shower, massage, stay-warm mist, water-saving economy rain, pulsating massage, circular massage, cascading rain or drenching rain. Each mode provides a unique experience.

The extra-long 5 foot stainless steel hose brings the shower head right to you, making bathing pets, children or hard to reach areas like feet a breeze. No more straining and struggling with a shower head fixed in place. Bring the shower head down low to lather up the kids then slide it up to your own level afterwards.

At 5 inches wide, the chrome face of this shower head provides satisfying coverage while the rub-clean jets prevent mineral buildup and keep your water flowing freely even in hard water areas. The click magnetic docking feature uses an enhanced security lip to firmly keep the shower head in place when docked, avoiding droppage issues found in other magnetic shower heads.

Make showering an absolute pleasure with 8 completely adjustable spray options. The PowerPulse massage will have you looking forward to shower time each day while the docking stand allows personalized placement. Luxury shower head performance has never been so affordable and easy to install as this Waterpik model.

Spray Options to Suit Your Every Mood

Not all days or all shower needs are the same. Customize your experience with a shower head that caters to your needs.

PowerPulse Massage – Need to unwind? The PowerPulse massage mode delivers a therapeutic, pulsating spray that provides double the massage force of standard shower heads. Feel the tension melt away under this targeted massage spray.

Shower Massage – Enjoy a relaxing, luxurious massage spray perfect for starting or ending your day right.

Rain Massage – A gentler massage spray that enlivens and refreshes.

Cascading Rain – A soft, wide spray that feels like standing under a light summer rain. Rinse away stress and refresh your senses.

Stay-Warm Mist – Keep your shower steamy and soothing with this warm mist spray. Perfect for shaving your legs or after a long day when your muscles ache.

Water-Saving Economy Rain – Conserve water without compromising your shower experience. Feel fully enveloped in a satisfying spray.

Pulsating Massage – Rev up your shower with an invigorating pulsating massage spray.

Circular Massage – Target sore muscles with a rotating massage spray that delivers concentrated relaxation.

With 8 settings, start your day energized or wind down leisurely no matter your mood or needs. This shower head caters to you.

Fully Adjustable and Easy to Install

Not all households are created equal. Enjoy a shower head that adapts to your home’s unique needs with tool-free adjustability and hassle-free installation.

The magnetic docking stand securely holds the shower head in place while allowing easy adjustment of the angle. Simply grasp and gently reposition the angle one-handed. The strong magnetic hold prevents accidental droppage from floppy magnetic stands.

In addition, the height adjusts a full 10 inches from 42 to 52 inches via a slide lock system. Easily slide up or down to the ideal height for kids, adults, washing pets or targeting hard to reach spots. No more neck strain from fixed shower heads!

Installation takes minutes with no special tools required. The shower head fits any standard shower arm so you can upgrade your existing setup in no time. All necessary parts are included for a frustration-free installation.

With easy DIY tool-free installation, height adjustability and a conveniently docking magnetic stand, the Waterpik Magnetic Dual Dock Hand Held Shower Head caters to households of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy a completely customizable shower experience with ultra-convenient adjustable features.

Premium Performance and Coverage

In addition to adjustable convenience features, the Waterpik Magnetic Dual Dock Hand Held Shower Head delivers a luxurious shower experience you’d expect from top-of-the-line fixtures.

The extra-large 5 inch chrome shower face provides satisfying, full coverage while the rub-clean jets resist mineral buildup and keep water flowing freely. Enjoy invigorating, consistent spray coverage every time you shower.

The 5 foot stainless steel hose provides superior reach for bathing kids and pets with ease. No more being constrained to one small area of the tub. The flexible hose also makes cleaning the shower itself quick and simple.

Inside the shower head, advanced technology amplifies water pressure while saving water. PowerPulse massage delivers two times the massage force of standard shower heads while innovative flow channels maximize each water droplet.

Treat yourself to indulgent spa-like relaxation and rejuvenation delivered affordably to the comfort of home. The Waterpik Magnetic Dual Dock Hand Held Shower Head brings together convenience, customization and premium performance for a shower head that pampers you daily.


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