Transform Your Space with this Stylish and Cozy Modern Round Rug


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Add a touch of modern bohemian style to your home with the Uphome Round Rug. This 5ft circular rug features an abstract geometric pattern in cool tones of blue, gray, and ivory that instantly catches the eye. The subtle pops of color complement any decor scheme, from minimalist to eclectic. Place this area rug in your living room, bedroom, entryway, or home office to elevate the look and feel of the space.

Ultra-Soft Velvet Material Offers Plush Comfort

While visibly pleasing, this round rug also feels amazing underfoot thanks to its velvet polyester construction. The short dense fibers have a velvety texture that’s soft and cushy. Your feet will sink into the plush pile with every step. It’s perfect if you love walking around the house barefoot. Even better, the velvet material is gentle on your pet’s paws and safe for children.

Non-Slip Latex Backing Keeps Rug Securely in Place

The Uphome Round Rug features a non-slip latex backing to help the rug lay flat and stay put on hard floors. No more shifting, sliding, or bunching up. The natural rubber grips your hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring securely. This means no accidents or slips when walking from the rug to bare floors. Place this rug at your front door, in the bathroom, or under a couch or chair with confidence.

Low-Profile Thin Design Lays Flat

At just 0.1 inch thick, this round rug has a low profile that sits flat on the floor with no buckling or tripping hazard. The streamlined thin design effortlessly slides under furniture like couches, beds, and dining tables. Less bulk also makes it easier to roll up and transport this rug to cover different areas as needed.

Washable Polyester Fibers for Easy Care

Life happens, and this boho rug is designed to handle it. Accidental spills and messy mishaps are no match for the durable polyester fibers. When dirty, simply toss this rug in the washing machine and let it air dry. The color won’t bleed or fade over time. Vacuuming weekly keeps the fibers fluffy. Skip the professional carpet cleaning bills and easily refresh this rug yourself.

Vibrant, Fade-Resistant Colors

The geometric pattern comes alive with vivid hues of coral, gray, turquoise, and white. These colors remain true wash after wash so the rug always looks like new. The digital printing process ensures every rug has the same uniform coloring for a consistent appearance. The low-profile pile shows off the colors beautifully.

Matches Any Decor Style

With its versatile abstract pattern, this bohemian rug complements an array of home decor styles. The cool color palette works well in modern, contemporary, minimalist, or Scandinavian spaces. Add it to a mid-century modern living room or bedroom for a pop of color. Or let it bring a breezy, casual vibe to a coastal cottage or farmhouse style home.

Multipurpose for Every Room

This 5 foot round rug works well in just about any room:

Living Room: Pulls together seating areas and defines spaces in open concept homes. Also adds comfort under a coffee table.

Bedroom: Grounds bedside tables or reading nooks. Defines areas in a studio apartment.

Entryway: Welcomes guests and collects dirt before it reaches your floors.

Dining Room: Offers a cushy surface when waiting for dinner. Defines the dining space.

Office: Circles office chairs so you can swivel with ease. Damps sound in home offices.

Dorm: Adds personality in a practical way to dorm rooms. Also keeps floors warmer.

This versatile modern boho rug works overtime to elevate your home and offer everyday comfort. With its stylish design and soothing texture, the Uphome Round Rug is sure to become your new favorite floor covering. Order yours today!


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