Tupperware Heritage Collection Vintage Food Storage Containers – 36 Piece Set with Classic Design


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Bring back the nostalgia of vintage Tupperware parties while getting all the benefits of modern food storage convenience. The Tupperware Heritage Collection features the classic Tupperware design you know and love with the airtight seal and stacking bowls that made Tupperware famous. With 18 containers and their matching snap-tight lids, this 36 piece set has all the sizes you need for storing leftovers, prepping ingredients, packing lunches and snacks, and so much more.

Lock in Freshness with the Signature Tupperware Seal

At the heart of every Tupperware container is the iconic pinch-to-seal lid that keeps food fresh. Press the center of the lid to create an airtight, water-tight seal that locks in flavor and nutrients while locking out air and moisture. Food stays fresher longer, eliminating waste and saving you money. No more flimsy plastic lids that warp and crack over time. The durable Tupperware lids retain their shape wash after wash. They withstand bumps during transport without popping off and spilling your food inside your bag.

Nesting Design Minimizes Clutter

Hate when your cabinets turn into a jumbled mess of mismatched containers? With the Heritage Collection’s stacking design, you can neatly organize your containers in any cupboard or drawer. The bowls have sloped rims that allow each size to fit inside the next larger size. No more digging and searching for the right lid. Matching colored lids and bowls make it easy to pair up container and top every time. Minimize clutter and hassle with this space-saving nesting set.

Durable Material Stands up to Daily Use

Unlike flimsy disposable plastic containers that crack and warp, these vintage-inspired containers are made from high-quality BPA-free plastic. They can withstand repeated use and washing without breaking down. The translucent material lets you see contents easily while blocking UV light that can discolor foods. Feel confident storing and reheating foods without chemicals leaching into your meals.

Vintage Styling with Modern Convenience

With their harvest gold, avocado green and burnt orange colors, these containers bring back 1970’s-era Tupperware style. The retro hue options allow you to mix and match colors or select one consistent color palette. While retro on the outside, the inside is modern as can be. The containers are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Microwave and freezer safe too. No need to transfer food to a separate container. Cook, store, reheat – all within the same durable Tupperware bowl.

All the Sizes You Need

The 36 piece Heritage Collection includes a huge variety of container sizes for all your storage needs:

Small Containers and Lids (Set of 3):

1 1/3 cup size – perfect for salad dressings, single servings
2 cup size – great for yogurt, fruit, cereal
2 2/3 cup size – ideal for nuts, trail mixes, dried fruit
Medium Containers and Lids (Set of 5):

3 1/2 cup size – for lunches, sides, leftovers
5 cup size – sizable enough for main dishes, batches of food
7 cup size – excellent for packing lunch entrées, meal prepping
9 cup size – big enough for substantial mains like pasta
10 cup size – great for holding an entire deli sandwich
Large Containers and Lids (Set of 5):

13 cup size – perfect for a big serving of salad
17 cup size – ideal for holding a casserole, stir fry, grilled veggies
21 cup size – roomy enough for a whole block of cheese, brick of cornbread
32 cup size – great for mixing large batches, holding giant muffins
42 cup size – perfect for cakes, loaves of bread, batches of cookies
With 18 storage containers in practical sizes for daily use, you’ll always have the right vessel for storing, transporting and serving food. The Heritage Collection has all the Tupperware benefits you love with a fun retro color twist.

What’s Included

The Tupperware Heritage Collection 36 piece set includes:

18 containers with vintage design and nesting sizes
18 matching snap-tight seal lids
5 small containers with lids
5 medium containers with lids
5 large containers with lids
Color choices include harvest gold, avocado green, burnt orange

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tupperware proudly stands behind the quality of their products with a limited lifetime warranty. Items are guaranteed against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling. Should any problem arise, contact Tupperware for a free replacement.

With the Tupperware name you can trust, you can buy the Heritage Collection with confidence. This nostalgic set combines retired retro colors and styling with the airtight seal and durability that Tupperware is famous for. Give your food storage a vintage style update with this must-have set!


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