UCC Original Coffee with Milk – Sweet Japanese Milk Coffee in a Can


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Satisfy Your Cravings for Authentic Japanese Milk Coffee with UCC Original Coffee with Milk. This sweet and creamy canned coffee drink provides a delicious dose of caffeine and milk anytime, anywhere.

Sip on Sweet, Creamy Japanese Milk Coffee

Experience the iconic taste of UCC milk coffee straight from Japan. UCC expertly blends high-quality Arabica coffee beans and fresh milk to achieve the ideal balance of rich coffee and sweet cream flavors. Each sip delivers the authentic milk coffee experience that Japan loves.

This sweet canned coffee offers the classic flavor combination of coffee and milk popularized in Japan. The interplay between bitter coffee and sweet creamy milk creates a soothing, satisfying beverage. It’s like a caffè latte or coffee with cream in grab-and-go convenience.

Hot or Cold – Enjoy Milk Coffee Your Way

You can enjoy UCC’s ready-to-drink milk coffee hot or cold for coffee anytime. Heat it up to savor the nutty coffee aromas or chill it down to drink over ice for a refreshing iced coffee.

Keep a stockpile in your pantry to make hot coffee in an instant. When you’re rushing out the door in the morning, just heat a can in the microwave for a fast pick-me-up. It’s also super convenient for making iced coffee drinks at home.

High-Quality Ingredients from Japan

UCC uses high-quality Arabica coffee beans grown worldwide and fresh milk from cows in Japan. UCC carefully roasts the beans to perfection and combines them with just the right amount of milk to create the authentic Japanese milk coffee experience.

The result is a delicious canned coffee with a rich aroma, complex coffee flavor, and milky creaminess. You can taste the quality ingredients in each satisfying sip.

Enjoy Authentic Japanese Milk Coffee Anywhere

Now you can enjoy the nostalgic taste of Japanese milk coffee anywhere. Keep the slim cans in your bag or purse for coffee on the go. Stash some in your car, desk drawer, or fridge to help you power through your day.

UCC Original Coffee with Milk makes it simple to drink real Japanese milk coffee without brewing it yourself. Cracking open an ice-cold can transports you to the milk coffee cafés of Japan. Let the sweet, creamy coffee goodness inspire you to try authentic Japanese drinks and foods.

Customer Reviews

“This canned coffee really transports me back to my travels in Japan. The sweet milk taste mixed with strong coffee takes me right back to stopping at a Japanese convenience store.”

“I love that I can microwave a can or drink it over ice. It’s so convenient to quickly get my milk coffee fix without brewing it myself.”

“You can really taste the high-quality coffee beans and milk in this Japanese import. I’m hooked on the creamy, dreamy milk coffee flavor.”

“This canned coffee is silky, smooth, and perfectly sweet. It satisfies my cravings for a caffè latte or sweet coffeehouse drink.”

Enjoy the Iconic Taste of Japan Anytime

Treat yourself to the comforting, familiar flavors of UCC’s Original Coffee with Milk. With 24 cans in a pack, you’ll always have the delicious taste of Japan close at hand. Bring home the sweet creaminess of Japanese milk coffee today!


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