UCLIMAA Luxury Spa Shower Combo Set with Adjustable Slide Bar and Handheld Showerhead


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Upgrade your shower experience with the UCLIMAA luxury spa shower combo set. This set includes a large 5” rainfall showerhead and a 5” handheld showerhead, providing customized coverage for a luxurious, therapeutic shower. With 48 different settings between both showerheads, you can find the perfect water flow for you.

The extra-large rainfall showerhead provides relaxing, wide coverage to envelop your whole body like a gentle waterfall. Choose from settings like full Rain, relaxing Rain & Massage, powerful Massage spray, and more. The handheld showerhead features the same settings so you can target specific areas as needed. For families with varying shower needs, this 2-in-1 combo set provides the best of both worlds.

Key Features:

  • Extra-large 5” rainfall showerhead for wide, full-body coverage
  • 5” handheld showerhead for targeted massage and reaching all areas
  • 48 total settings between both showerheads for a customizable experience
  • Luxurious settings like Rain, Massage, Bubbling Spray, and more
  • Includes adjustable slide bar for easy reach
  • No drilling required for easy install
  • Rust-free stainless steel construction
  • 3-way diverter for seamless switching between heads

Luxurious Full-Body Coverage

The extra-large 5-inch diameter rainfall showerhead provides relaxing, full-body coverage so you feel immersed in the spray. The wide showerhead is inspired by luxury spas and high-end hotels so you can bring the spa experience home. Twenty-four rubber nozzles provide even, full coverage across the large surface.

The rainfall shower setting is perfect after a long day when you want to unwind and let the water envelope your body like a gentle waterfall. For a more targeted massage, switch to the Massage setting and feel the pulsing spray work out knots and soothe sore muscles. Other settings include a revitalizing Bubbling Spray, a light Rain & Massage combo, and more. With so many settings, you can customize your experience each shower.

Targeted Coverage with Handheld Showerhead

In addition to the large rainfall showerhead, this set includes a 5-inch handheld showerhead with its own hose. The handheld offers the same luxurious settings as the overhead showerhead so you can switch between full-body coverage and targeted spray. Use the handheld to focus the water on specific areas like sore shoulders, your back, or your feet.

If you need to help bathe children or pets, the handheld showerhead makes it easy. For shaving or other shower tasks, quickly switch to the handheld and bring the water right where you need it. The flexible metal hose offers a wide range of motion and reach. When not in use, the hose and handheld slide neatly back into the cradle.

Adjustable Slide Bar for Convenient Height

To make the showerheads accessible for all heights, this set includes an adjustable slide bar. The upper and lower portions of the bar telescope so you can customize the height as needed. Keep the rainfall showerhead higher up for tall family members, then slide it down when it’s time for kids to use the shower.

The slide bar is constructed from rust-free stainless steel for durability. For easy installation, this set is designed to be drill-free. Use the included waterproof adhesive tapes to temporarily mount the brackets. Or if you prefer a permanent installation, the brackets and slide bar have pre-drilled holes for mounting with screws.

Simple and Convenient 3-Way Diverter

A built-in 3-way diverter makes switching between the rainfall showerhead and handheld quick and easy. Turn the dial to divert water to either showerhead or both at the same time. The diverter maintains optimal water pressure for each setting.

Constructed from solid brass, the diverter knob and fixtures are made to last. The metal hose and fittings resist leaks, kinks, and corrosion. This shower system is rigorously tested for durability and performance.

Customize Your Shower in Seconds

With 48 settings total, you can customize your shower in seconds. Both the rainfall showerhead and handheld have seven settings:

  • Rain – Relaxing wide stream of water
  • Massage – Targeted pulsing spray
  • Rain & Massage – Combination setting
  • Bubbling Spray – Luxurious bubbly rain shower
  • Rain & Bubbling Spray – Rainfall combined with bubbles
  • Water Saving – Gentler flow uses less water
  • Spray – Invigorating single jet stream

Turn the control ring on each showerhead to switch spray modes in seconds. Find the perfect setting for relaxing, massaging, rinsing, and more. The variety of settings makes this shower system ideal for solo use or families and couples with different showering needs.

Safe, Easy Installation

Designed for safe, easy DIY installation, this shower system can be installed in minutes with minimal tools required. It connects to any standard overhead shower arm and requires a minimum of 28 inches of clearance.

The included waterproof adhesive tapes allow for a drill-free install. Just clean the wall surface, apply the adhesive strips, and press the mounts in place. For a more permanent installation, use the pre-drilled screw holes to mount to studs or with anchors.

The connection fittings use standard U.S. threads and are compatible with most shower configurations, including top or side installation. All necessary fittings and detailed instructions are included for headache-free installation.

Quality Materials and Construction

Made from premium materials, this shower system is built to provide lasting performance. The extra-large overhead showerhead, hand shower, and hose are constructed from ABS plastic which resists corrosion, leaks and mineral buildup.

The angle-adjustable slide bar, mounts, and fixtures are made from rust-free 304 stainless steel. The three-way diverter valve uses solid brass for smooth operation and durability. This shower combo set complies with U.S. quality, performance, and environmental standards.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, UCLIMAA stands behind the quality of our shower systems. We provide prompt, friendly customer support if any issues arise with your product.

Upgrade Your Showers with UCLIMAA

Take your showers from basic to spa-like with the UCLIMAA luxury shower combo set. With an extra-large rainfall showerhead, handheld shower, adjustable slide bar, and 48 settings, this system provides a customized shower experience. Enjoy relaxing, full-body coverage or targeted massage at just the right height for you. The three-way diverter makes switching between spray modes smooth and easy. Constructed from quality materials like stainless steel, brass, and ABS plastic, this shower system is built to last. Install in minutes with the included drill-free hardware for an affordable bathroom upgrade.


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