UltraThin+ Therapeutic Handheld Shower Head with PowerPulse Massage – Experience Luxury Rain Spa at Home


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Treat yourself to the ultimate handheld showering experience with the UltraThin+ Therapeutic Handheld Shower Head from Waterpik. Boasting an incredibly slim profile and luxuriously stylish brushed nickel finish, this shower head instantly elevates your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like sanctuary.

With five invigorating spray settings to choose from, you can customize your showering experience to suit your mood and needs. The extra-large 6-inch face provides soothing, full-body coverage with an indulgent rainfall spray that will make you feel like you’re standing under a warm tropical downpour. For a more targeted massage that melts tension away, switch to the PowerPulse setting that delivers up to two times more force than a standard shower head. The unique wave pattern dynamically varies intensity and pulse width to deliver relief where you need it most.

In addition to the rainfall and PowerPulse massage modes, this handheld shower head features a luxurious Bliss Mist setting that gently coats skin in a refreshing veil of silky water droplets. The concentrated Jet spray is perfect for rinsing, while the Combination setting allows you to run the rainfall shower and handheld massager at the same time. Conveniently switch between all five modes with the easy-turn dial.

At only 1 inch thick, the super slim shower head profile adds modern style without cluttering your shower space. The lightweight design makes directing water easy and comfortable, with no arm strain. Simply install on any standard shower arm in minutes, with no tools required.

With its extra-long 6 foot metal hose, this handheld shower head provides the flexibility to clean your shower, bathe kids or pets, or makes assisted bathing safe and simple. An innovative flip lever allows you to restrict water flow to save water, while a convenient pause button lets you temporarily stop the water while you apply soap or shampoo.

In addition to its luxurious feel and versatile functionality, the UltraThin+ Therapeutic Handheld Shower Head provides practical benefits as well. The powerful massage helps boost circulation, alleviate muscle tension, and stimulate pressure points. The concentrated PowerPulse technology also provides a thorough cleanse by channeling water through tiny spray holes under high pressure.

Whether you desire a refreshing start to your morning, soothing self-care at day’s end, or a quick rinse after exercise, the UltraThin+ Therapeutic Handheld Shower Head brings the tranquil spa experience into your own home. Upgrade your shower and treat yourself to the relaxation you deserve.


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