Umbra Glam Makeup Organizer – Elegant Storage for All Your Beauty Essentials


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Treat yourself to the gift of organization with the Umbra Glam Makeup Organizer. This chic storage solution keeps all your beauty products neatly arranged so you can easily find what you need. No more rummaging through clutter trying to locate your favorite lipstick or eyeshadow palette. The Glam Organizer has a place for everything from makeup brushes to skincare creams so you can spend less time searching and more time getting glam.

Spacious Storage for All Your Cosmetics

The Umbra Glam Makeup Organizer provides ample space to corral even the most extensive makeup collection. With three generous drawers, you’ll have room for hundreds of makeup and skincare items. The top drawer is perfect for everyday essentials like powders, blushes, lip products, and small palettes. Keep bulky eyeshadow palettes, foundations, and concealers organized in the spacious middle drawer. And utilize the bottom drawer for skincare products, nail polish, perfumes, and any oversized items. No matter how much makeup you own, this organizer has space to neatly store it all.

Customizable Dividers Keep Everything in Its Place

The removable dividers allow you to truly customize the interior of each drawer based on your storage needs. Keep eyeshadow palettes separated, makeup brushes upright and tidy, skincare products categorized, and much more with the adjustable dividers. Finding the perfect red lipstick or go-to neutral eyeshadow palette is quick and easy when your products are neatly organized. Simply set up the dividers to match your existing collection or trading spaces as items come and go.

Stackable Design Saves Precious Counter Space

Don’t let your beauty organization take over the bathroom counter. The Umbra Glam Makeup Organizer features a stackable design allowing you to conserve precious space. Use the three drawers together as one tall tower or separate them to store around the vanity as needed. The storage possibilities are endless with this versatile system. Stack the units or spread them out to perfectly fit your space and storage requirements.

Sleek and Contemporary Style

In addition to keeping your makeup collection organized, the Umbra Glam Makeup Organizer also provides chic and contemporary style for your vanity. Made from white and grey plastic with a clean, minimalist design, this organizer looks elegant displayed on the counter. The neutral two-tone color scheme complements any décor from modern and contemporary to traditional and glam. Elevate your storage with a touch of sophistication.

Durable Construction and Easy Cleaning

Built to last with high-quality plastics, the Glam Organizer will keep your makeup protected for years to come. The materials are specially chosen for durability and long-term use. Keeping the unit clean is also a breeze thanks to the smooth plastic surfaces that can be wiped down as needed. The non-porous construction prevents stains and buildup over time. Just use a damp cloth to keep the organizer looking fresh.

Non-Slip Protection for Countertops

The non-slip feet on the bottom of the organizer keep it firmly planted on the countertop. No need to worry about the unit sliding around or scratching your countertops. The small rubber feet grip the surface to keep the organizer steady, even when pulling open the smooth-gliding drawers. Your countertops will be safeguarded while you access your beauty items.

Quality Construction and Satisfaction Guarantee

Umbra is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative products that enhance your home. Based in Toronto, Umbra designers draw inspiration from urban living to create original products that are both functional and stylish. The Glam Makeup Organizer is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Umbra stands behind the quality and workmanship of all its products. Love your makeup organizer or return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Get Organized and Store Your Beauty Products in Style

Don’t let your makeup collection descend into chaos. The Umbra Glam Makeup Organizer is the solution for keeping all your cosmetics stored neatly in one place. With three spacious drawers and customizable dividers, it has space to organize all your beauty essentials. The contemporary style looks elegant on the counter while the stackable design conserves precious space. Built to last from quality materials and backed by a satisfaction guarantee, this organizer makes storing your makeup a pleasure. Treat yourself to organized, stress-free beauty routines with the Umbra Glam Makeup Organizer.


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