Umbra Hub 24-Inch Round Wall Mirror – Modern Decorative Circle Mirror with Protective Rubber Frame


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Introducing the Umbra Hub Round Wall Mirror – a contemporary 24-inch diameter circle mirror with stylish matte black rubber trim. This decorative modern mirror makes a stunning focal point for any room and features an innovative rubber bumper frame to protect your walls. Read on to learn why the Umbra Hub is the perfect wall mirror for your home.

Contemporary Round Shape

The Umbra Hub features a clean, circular shape for a fresh modern look. At 24 inches in diameter, this wall mirror provides ample size to reflect light and create visual depth within a space. The round shape allows it to complement both traditional and contemporary home décors.

Sleek Protective Rubber Frame

Encircling the mirror is a matte black rubber frame that serves both form and function. The trim adds style with its minimalist contemporary design. But it also acts as a protective bumper – safeguarding your walls from nicks and scratches. No need to worry about damage if you hang this mirror in a high-traffic area or bathroom.

Made from Shatter-Resistant Glass

The mirror itself is constructed from durable, shatter-resistant glass to prevent breakage. At 1 inch thick, the glass is sturdy enough for lifelong use. The silver mirrored glass provides a crystal clear reflection.

Reflects Light to Brighten Any Room

Thanks to its generous 24-inch diameter size, the Umbra Hub mirror reflects both natural and artificial light exceptionally well. Hang above a console table to expand the lighting in an entrance way. Or mount beside a window to amplify daylight and make a dark room brighter. Wherever it’s placed, this mirror opens up small spaces and chases away shadows.

Create a Spacious Look Instantly

Hanging a mirror is one of the easiest ways to make a small room look bigger. The reflection visually doubles the space, creating the illusion of more square footage. The Umbra Hub’s large round shape gives it maximum visual impact. Place it strategically on a wall to make cramped rooms appear more open and expansive.


  • 24-inch diameter round wall mirror
  • Sleek matte black rubber frame acts as protective bumper
  • 1-inch thick shatter-resistant mirrored glass
  • Reflects light to brighten rooms
  • Visually expands small spaces
  • Modern minimalist design suits varied decors

Where to Use

This versatile modern circle mirror can be used to enhance nearly any room including:

  • Bathrooms – Use over vanity, in shower area, or to expand sightlines
  • Bedrooms – Create a focal point or mount beside window to reflect light
  • Entryways – Greet guests with this stylish mirror in a foyer or mudroom
  • Living Rooms – Open up the space above a sofa, console table, or fireplace
  • Dining Rooms – Visually expand eating areas with strategic mirror placement
  • Home Office – Brighten up workspaces by amplifying natural light

Quality Materials and Construction

Umbra is known for exceptional quality and this Hub Round Wall Mirror delivers durability. The glass is resilient to withstand everyday use. The rubber frame is thick and substantial. Expect this mirror to maintain its good looks for years.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

All Umbra products, including this mirror, are backed by a 5-year manufacturer guarantee. Shop confidently knowing you’re supported by a customer satisfaction promise.

Give your home an instant style boost with the Umbra Hub Round Wall Mirror. With its contemporary circle shape and protective bumper frame, this modern looking glass brightens up any living space. The 24-inch diameter reflects ample light while the minimalist black trim suits varied decors. Hang the Hub mirror today and appreciate how it opens up small rooms!


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