Unique Loom Uni-Luxe Dual Surface Non-Slip Rug Pad – The Versatile Floor Protector for All Your Rugs


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Is your beautiful rug bunching up, sliding around, and getting damaged? Solve all your rug woes with the Unique Loom Uni-Luxe Dual Surface Non-Slip Rug Pad. This innovative pad provides cushioning and grip for rugs on any floor type, protecting both your floors and your rugs.

The Dual Surface Design – Twice the Versatility

What makes the Unique Loom pad so unique is the dual surface design. One side features a natural rubber backing that grips hard surfaces like wood and tile. Flip it over to use the felt backing that is safe for all soft flooring types like carpet. Now you don’t need separate pads for each room – this single rug pad works everywhere!

Protects Floors from Damage

Rugs can cause scratches, indentations, and other damage to hardwood and tile. This pad creates a protective barrier between the rug and floor. The 1/4″ thick natural rubber effectively absorbs impact while remaining soft underfoot.

Prevents Slipping and Wrinkling

Ever wrestle with a stubborn rug that won’t stay put? This non-slip pad keeps rugs securely in place. The durable rubber backing grips the floor to prevent sliding, bunching up, and wrinkling. No more tripping hazards!

Adds Cushioning for Comfort

Make high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms more comfortable by adding a padded layer beneath your rugs. The plush felt surface creates a softer step that’s easy on your feet and joints.

Extends the Life of Your Rugs

A rug pad reduces wear from footsteps and furniture placement. By minimizing direct contact with the floor, it helps retain your rugs’ thickness, color vibrancy, and structural integrity over time.

Easy to Cut and Customize

The 6′ x 9′ size fits most standard rug dimensions. But if needed, you can easily trim the pad to fit unique rug shapes and sizes. The pad cuts cleanly without fraying or unraveling.

Key Features:

  • Dual surface design works on all floor types
  • 1/4″ thickness provides cushioning and insulation
  • Natural rubber backing grips floors to prevent slipping
  • Felt surface is safe for use on carpets and rugs
  • Reduces wear, wrinkling, and sliding of rugs
  • Can be trimmed to fit any rug size

Reasons to Choose the Unique Loom Uni-Luxe Rug Pad

Versatility – The dual-surface design works on any floor type, in any room. No need for separate pads.

Durability – Made from high-quality, long-lasting materials that stand up to heavy use.

Performance – Keeps rugs securely in place and adds plush cushioning underfoot.

Protection – Guards floors from damage while extending the life of your rugs.

Value – An affordable rug pad that delivers premium features and benefits.

Give your floors and rugs the protection and comfort they deserve with the Unique Loom Uni-Luxe Dual Surface Non-Slip Rug Pad. Order yours today!


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