Unlock Authentic Asian Flavors at Home with the YOSUKATA 13.5″ Carbon Steel Wok


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Transport your taste buds to the bustling streets of Shanghai or aromatic night markets of Bangkok with the YOSUKATA Carbon Steel Wok. This versatile 13.5″ flat bottom wok unlocks the authentic flavors of Asian cooking right in your own kitchen.

Perfectly Designed for Stir-Frying and More

The YOSUKATA wok features a wide, sloped shape that gives you plenty of surface area for quick, high-heat searing while its depth contains juices and flavors. The flat bottom ensures even heating and stability on Western stovetops while the loop handle on the opposite side makes tossing and flipping easy.

At 1.8mm thick, the heavy-duty carbon steel construction stands up to the demands of restaurant-style cooking. The wok evenly distributes heat and reacts quickly to temperature adjustments so you can sear meat and veggies at scorching temps or simmer a braise at a low simmer. The steel also develops a natural patina that become more nonstick over time.

Pre-Seasoned for a Head Start on Flavor

While all woks require seasoning, the YOSUKATA wok comes pre-seasoned at over 600F to give it a head start. The premium seasoning helps prevent food from sticking right out of the box while letting you further build up the nonstick patina. Seasoning fills the carbon steel pores with flavorful oils that you’ll taste in every dish.

Get a Comfortable Grip with the Ergonomic Handle

The YOSUKATA wok comes with an ergonomic wooden handle attached to help you maneuver the wok with a solid grip. The smoothly sanded wood fits comfortably in your hand when stirring, tossing, and flipping. Whether you’re giving ingredients an enthusiastic toss or keeping a close eye on a simmering braise, the handle makes the wok easy to control.

Whip Up Nourishing, Flavor-Packed Meals

While the wok excels at stir-frying, its versatility lends itself to an array of cooking techniques beyond high-heat searing. Here are just a few dishes you can create:


Chicken and broccoli over rice or noodles
Spicy pork and green bean stir-fry
Shrimp and veggie fried rice

Crispy pan-fried pork dumplings
Pan-fried chicken or beef potstickers
Savory scallion pancakes
Braises & Stews

Red or green curry with vegetables and meat
Hearty beef stew
Chicken adobo
Deep Fries

Crispy wontons or egg rolls
Tempura vegetables or seafood
Fried chicken wings or chicken pieces
One-Pot Meals

Chicken or pork kung pao
Pad thai with rice noodles
Vegetable lo mein
With its range of cooking adaptability, the YOSUKATA wok truly serves as an easy one-pan solution for healthy weeknight meals.

Built for Durability from Top to Bottom

The YOSUKATA wok is crafted for longevity and optimal cooking performance. Here are its stand-out durability features:

1.8mm thick carbon steel construction maintains even heat distribution
Flat bottom provides stability on Western cooktops
Pre-seasoned with natural oils to prevent sticking
Develops a natural nonstick patina over time
Safe to use with metal utensils
Handy loop handle for control when tossing
Ergonomic wooden side handle for comfort
Carbon steel also makes the wok lighter than cast iron for easy maneuvering. When cared for properly, your wok will provide decades of flavorful cooking.

Easy Cleanup and Maintenance

Hand wash the wok in warm soapy water, scrubbing gently with a non-abrasive sponge. Rinse thoroughly and dry immediately to prevent rusting. Avoid harsh detergents or steel wool pads.

Before initial use and after cleaning, apply a thin coating of cooking oil inside the wok and rub with a paper towel. Heat over low heat for 10 minutes to seal in the oil. Repeat oiling and heating regularly to further build up the seasoning.

Hang or store wok upside down to maximize nonstick seasoning. Any tiny rust spots that appear can be removed with steel wool and re-seasoned. With proper care, your wok will develop outstanding nonstick properties.

Unlock the Secret to Restaurant-Quality Asian Cuisine

Recreate the wok-seared flavors you love from your favorite Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and other Asian restaurants with the YOSUKATA 13.5” Carbon Steel Wok. The flat-bottom design heats evenly and provides versatility beyond stir-frying so you can braise, pan or deep fry, while the durable carbon steel material will last for years. Grab the helper handle and give ingredients a toss – this restaurant-worthy wok is ready to unlock authentic Asian cuisine in your home kitchen.


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