Unlock Your Inner Warrior with the WEY&FLY Ice Bath Tub


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The search for peak performance never ends for serious athletes and fitness devotees. While intense workouts strengthen your body, recovery is equally vital for muscle repair, increased energy, and mental clarity. This is where the revolutionary WEY&FLY Ice Bath Tub comes in. More than just a tub, it is your personal therapy and wellness treatment—elevating your training with advanced hydrotherapy.

Specifically constructed as a cold plunge tub, the WEY&FLY Ice Bath Tub leverages the restorative power of cold water immersion. Take the guesswork out of cold water therapy with this portable tub tailored for convenient at-home use. Simply fill with cold water, step in, and reap the many benefits:

Superior Recovery for Athletes
Soothe inflamed muscles, accelerate workout recovery, and prepare your body for further training. Cold water immersion is proven to decrease muscle soreness, relieve joint pain, and treat minor sports injuries. Plunging into an ice bath for just 5-15 minutes can work wonders by constricting blood vessels and flushing fresh, nutrient-filled blood through your muscles while reducing inflammation and swelling.

Focus & Stress Relief
The immediate cold shock of an ice bath triggers your vagus nerve, instantly lowering heart rate and blood pressure for feelings of calm and focus. Making cold plunges part of your daily routine stimulates dopamine production to lift your mood while lowering cortisol levels related to stress. An ice bath is perfect pre-workout to elevate mental clarity and post-workout to unwind.

Detoxification & Immunity

Alternating between hot and cold water is a therapeutic technique used for centuries. An ice bath forces your circulatory system to work in overdrive to warm your body, acting as a “pump” to circulate oxygenated blood and lymph fluid. This nourishes cells and vital organs while ushering toxins out of tissues and the lymphatic system. Improved circulation fortifies your immune system and eases sore muscles.

Convenience Designed for Daily Use
Forget old-fashioned ice bath alternatives that are cumbersome and messy to set up. The WEY&FLY Ice Bath Tub installs in minutes for year-round use in your home. Keep it handy on your patio, deck, or yard during warmer months. Move it indoors during winter to continue your cold plunge ritual from the convenience of your bathroom.

Wherever you choose to install it, the tub’s thoughtful design makes ice baths a pleasure, not a chore:

Durable Construction Stands up to Daily Use: This ice tub features triple-layer reinforced insulation and leak-proof PVC construction. It’s rugged enough for daily cold plunges, unlike thin plastic kiddie pools prone to punctures. The tub’s unique hexagon shape and sturdy base ensure stability during use.
Spacious Size for Full Immersion: With a generous diameter spanning 37.5 inches, the WEY&FLY tub offers plenty of room to sink into refreshing cold water up to your shoulders. Adults can fully submerge without feeling confined.
Portability for Use Anywhere: Weighing just 22 pounds, the empty tub folds down compactly for storage and transportation. Set it up instantly just about anywhere there’s space, including your home, gym, studio, or hotel room.
Advanced Insulation Retains Temperature: A multi-layered insulating design includes triple-layer reinforced fabric, a 5mm insulation board, and an airtight hexagonal structure. Together, these maintain consistent water temperature for extended periods during your ice bath session.
Elasticated Cover for Hygiene & Heat Retention: Use the included cover to shield your cold plunge tub from dirt and debris when not in use. It also further insulates the water to prevent heat loss.
Take Your Performance to New Heights
The WEY&FLY Ice Bath Tub makes it simple to incorporate ice baths into your regular training and wellness regimen. Experience what elite athletes and fitness buffs already know about the incredible benefits of cold water immersion. This therapeutic tub helps you train harder, recover faster, and unlock your body’s fullest potential each day.


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