Upgrade Your Shower Experience with Waterpik’s Luxurious & Powerful Dual Shower Head System


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Treat yourself to a spa-like shower every day with the Waterpik One-Touch Dual 2-in-1 Shower System. This indulgent shower system features a large 5-inch rain shower head that provides a relaxing, drenching flow of water along with a handheld shower head with 7 distinct spray modes for targeted washing and massaging.

With just the push of a button, you can easily switch between the luxurious overhead rainfall shower, the convenient hand shower, or use both showers simultaneously for the ultimate spa experience right in your own bathroom. The One-Touch button makes it simple to change shower heads, even with soapy, slippery hands. No more fumbling with complicated valves and levers.

Customize Your Shower with 8 Soothing & Invigorating Spray Modes

The overhead rain shower head provides wide, full-body coverage with a gentle flow that feels like a warm summer rain. When you want to target specific areas or muscle groups, just reach for the handheld shower. It includes 7 spray modes so you can customize your shower:

PowerPulse Massage – Patented high-power spray pulses to work sore muscles
PowerDrench Spray – Full body coverage and maximum flow
WaterSaving Spray – Lower flow with full pressure
Circular Massage – Gentle spray with circular motion
Cone Massage – Narrow jet focusing on specific areas
Drenching Spray – Wider flow for rinsing
Soothing Spray – Light, relaxing rain-like spray
The PowerPulse massage setting provides double the pulsating spray force of typical retail shower heads for water therapy that rejuvenates aching muscles. Adjust the angle of the hand shower to target your back, shoulders, legs, feet – wherever you need focused relief.

Luxurious Rainfall Shower Head for Drenching Flow

The overhead rain shower head measures a generous 5 inches across to provide full-body coverage as soon as you step under the wide rainfall spray. The broad shower head creates the effect of bathing in a light summer rain, allowing water and stress to flow away.

The rainfall shower head features easy-clean jets that prevent mineral buildup. The rub-clean jets and convenient self-pressurizing spray nozzles make maintenance simple.

Convenient Handheld Shower with 5-Foot Hose for Targeted Cleaning

While the rain shower head covers your whole body, the hand shower lets you apply water right where you need it most. The flexible 5-foot metal hose gives you the range to comfortably reach your entire body without straining.

Use the handheld shower to target washing and rinsing for your hair, face, feet, back, or anywhere else. Keep the hand shower in its cradle when you want to use just the overhead rainfall shower.

One-Touch Button Makes Switching Shower Heads Simple

The unique One Touch button makes it easy to switch between shower heads or use both at the same time. Located right on the front of the rain shower head within easy reach, a simple push lets you change modes. No more fussing with hard-to-reach levers or valves.

Even if your hands are slippery from soap and shampoo, the large button is easy to press. The innovative One Touch technology lets you seamlessly switch shower heads in an instant.

Dual Shower Heads for Spa-Like Experience

Why choose between a drenching rainfall shower and a hand shower when you can have both? This dual shower head system lets you enjoy all the features at the push of a button.

Customize your shower with a targeted spray to shampoo your hair or soap your body using the handheld shower head. Switch to the overhead rainfall spray for full-body rinsing. Or use both shower heads together for the ultimate spa experience.

Two high-performance shower heads provide double the coverage and double the relaxation. Treat yourself to the revitalizing feeling of water cascading down from above while also enjoying the convenience of a hand shower.

High-Pressure Performance from Trusted Brand

Waterpik is one of the most trusted and recognized brands when it comes to showers and shower heads. For over 50 years, Waterpik has been a leader in water performance products, specializing in high-pressure shower heads and handheld sprayers.

This dual shower head system provides powerful, high-pressure spray performance. The rainfall shower head provides strong flow even with low water pressure. The massage setting on the hand shower delivers double the spray power of standard shower heads for a water massage that invigorates sore muscles.

Waterpik shower heads are expertly engineered and rigorously tested for quality, reliability, and performance. Expect exceptional water coverage, pressure, and spray modes from this dual shower head system.

Easy Tool-Free Installation in Minutes

Don’t pay a plumber to install your new dual shower head system. With Waterpik’s easy tool-free design, you can install this shower fixture in minutes.

The shower system uses Waterpik’s Flexible Installation technology that is compatible with any standard shower arm, so no pipe tape or tools are required. All necessary parts and fittings are included.

Simply remove your existing shower head, attach the diverter valve to your existing shower arm, then screw on the overhead shower head and hand shower. That’s all it takes to start enjoying the luxurious dual shower heads!

Dual Shower Head System Upgrades Any Bathroom

This 2-in-1 shower system instantly upgrades your bathroom with spa-worthy performance. The brushed nickel finish gives it a stylish, modern look suitable for any decor.

Give your daily shower a makeover with the relaxation of a rain shower head and the functionality of a handheld sprayer in one convenient package. Waterpik’s Dual Shower Head System takes your shower to the next level.


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