Uphome Floral Pom Pom Circle Rug – Cute & Cozy Area Rug for Bedroom, Living Room, Nursery


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Bring warmth and vibrancy to your home with the Uphome Floral Pom Pom Circle Rug. This lively and cute area rug features a dynamic pattern of floral shapes in shades of teal, pink, yellow, and white against a solid teal background. The floral motifs are accented by fluffy white pom poms that fringe the outer edge, adding texture and visual interest. Made from soft yet durable velvet polyester, this rug feels plush and comfortable underfoot.

Ultra-Soft Velvet Material

The Uphome Floral Pom Pom Circle Rug is constructed from velvet polyester that provides a comforting texture you’ll love to sink your toes into. The dense, low-pile fibers create a softly cushioned surface that’s perfect for high-traffic areas. Thicker and plusher than many low-pile rugs, it offers cozy softness without excessive height. The velvet material also lends a more upscale, sophisticated look compared to regular polyester.

Pom Pom Fringe for Added Playfulness

This circular rug features a fun and youthful element – fluffy pom poms trimming the outer edge! The white pom poms contrast beautifully against the vibrant teal background, adding aesthetic interest and a lively accent. The pom poms create a soft, fuzzy texture and dynamic silhouette. They lend a casual, relaxed vibe and inject a playful spirit.

Durable & Stain-Resistant

Though immensely soft and plush, this floral pom pom rug is designed for durability. The low-pile velvet material resists shedding, pilling, and everyday wear and tear in high-traffic areas of your home. Flocked fibers are locked securely onto the backing, preventing loose threads or unraveling. The rug is also stain resistant, so accidental spills can be easily cleaned. Despite its inviting softness, it can withstand active feet and paws.

Non-Slip Latex Backing

To prevent shifting, sliding, and wrinkling on your floors, the Uphome Floral Pom Pom Circle Rug features a non-slip latex backing. The natural rubber grips surfaces tightly so the rug stays put. With kids and pets running around, you won’t have to worry about the rug inching out of place. The non-slip bottom also provides added safety.

Convenient Machine-Washable Design

Keep your Uphome pom pom rug looking like new with hassle-free machine washing. When it’s time to freshen it up, just toss it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Detergent lifts away dirt, while the spin cycle pulls out debris lodged in the fibers. Lay flat or tumble dry on low. With easy laundering, you can maintain the lush vibrancy of the colors and softness. No special rug cleaners needed!

Vibrant & Energetic Style

Make a lively statement in your living space with the vibrant energy of this floral pom pom rug. The bold teal background and brilliant multi-colored blooms have a cheerful, uplifting effect. Crisp white pom poms add playful pops of texture. This dynamic design will energize any room with its fresh, positive spirit.

Versatile Size Options

The Uphome Floral Pom Pom Circle Rug comes in a range of sizes to suit all sorts of spaces. Available diameters include 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, and 9 feet. Use a smaller size in entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, dorms and other cozy spots. Larger sizes are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries. With varied dimensions, you can find the perfect fit for high-traffic areas.

Decorates Beautifully in Any Room

With its lively pattern and shape, this pom pom circle rug can enhance the decor of any room. In living rooms, it defines a cozy seating area with vibrant flair. Place it in a bedroom for a playful pop of color first thing in the morning. The nursery is brightened up with its cheerful spirit. Use it to add a soft landing zone for kids in playrooms. Entryways, kitchens, dorms and more areelevated with its style.

Premium Printing Process

Using an advanced printing process, the floral designs are applied in detailed definition on the rug surface. Unlike woven rugs, the colors and patterns are digitally printed directly onto the velvet polyester material. This allows for more intricate motifs with superior clarity and vividness. The designs won’t fade or bleed over time.

Easy Maintenance

Caring for your Uphome Floral Pom Pom Circle Rug is effortless. Regular vacuuming keeps the fibers fresh, while occasional washing revives the colors and softness. If it becomes stained, spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Allow to fully air dry after washing before placing back on your floors. With proper care, your rug will retain its lively style and plush feel for years.

Product Details:

Material: Velvet polyester
Backing: Non-slip latex
Care: Machine wash gentle cycle, tumble dry low
Liven up your home decor with the energetic spirit and plush comfort of the Uphome Floral Pom Pom Circle Rug. Available in multiple sizes, it’s suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, dorms, playrooms, entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. The velvet construction offers ultra-softness underfoot, while the pom pom trim adds a fun and casual flair. Vibrantly printed floral shapes create a cheerful vibe. With convenient machine-washable care, you’ll enjoy this rug’s cozy style for years.


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