V-Frankness 8″ Rainfall Shower Head and Handheld Spray Combo – Luxurious Hotel-Style Shower Experience for Your Bathroom


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Upgrade your shower experience with the V-Frankness 8″ rainfall shower head and handheld spray combo! This luxurious dual showerhead system provides an invigorating full-coverage waterfall shower along with the convenience of a handheld sprayer for targeted cleaning.

The contemporary square design 8″ rainfall shower head is made of solid metal with a durable brushed nickel finish that will complement any bathroom decor. It features 90 full-coverage anti-clog nozzles that provide a relaxing, drenching downpour to soak away the stress of the day. Tired of low water pressure? This rainfall shower head is guaranteed to provide maximum water flow even with low pressure plumbing, giving you a spa-like shower experience.

The handheld shower head has the same solid metal construction and brushed nickel finish. It comes equipped with 6 settings including full spray, massage, mist, rain, economy rain, and pause settings. Easily reach every part of your body or give your kids and pets a thorough rinse. The rub-clean jets prevent mineral buildup and ensure this hand shower continues to function like new.

The unique 3-way diverter valve lets you easily control the water flow. Use the rainfall shower head only, hand shower only, or run both simultaneously. When using both showerheads, the water pressure splits between the two but still provides adequate coverage. Adjust the diverter joystick to any position for effortless flow control.

The extra-long 70 inch stainless steel hose connects the hand shower to the diverter valve, providing ample length to move about your shower. Constructed of premium metal, this flexible hose will hold up for years of daily use without leaking or tearing. It securely connects using standard 1/2 inch fittings.

Enjoy a Spa-like Experience Daily in Your Own Shower

The relaxing warm spray from the rainfall shower head will make you feel like you’re at a 5-star resort every time you shower. It provides complete coverage to soak your entire body all at once, helping wash away stress and tension. The invigorating full-body drenching mimics the feel of a gentle summer rain.

Switch to the hand shower when you need to target wash your hair or shave your legs. The powerful massage setting provides a therapeutic jet spray to relax sore muscles. Use the softer rain setting as a soothing rinse for your face. With 6 settings, you can customize your shower for the perfect clean.

Who doesn’t love a long, hot shower? With this dual showerhead system you won’t have to cut your showers short. The water-efficient rainfall head and adjustable hand shower provide spa-like hydrotherapy without wasting gallons of water.

Showering with kids or pets? The flexible hand shower makes bath time a breeze. Easily rinse shampoo from your little one’s hair or give your dog a thorough cleaning. The long hose lets you move freely about the shower without straining your neck or back.

Premium Metal Construction for Leak-Free Long Lasting Performance

Tired of plastic showerheads that look cheap and leak after a few months? This V-Frankness combo features an all-metal design that both looks and functions like a high-end fixture. The solid brass rainfall head won’t crack or leak over time. Both showerheads have a beautiful brushed nickel finish that is corrosion and tarnish resistant.

The durable metal diverter valve ensures smooth operation for years to come. No more sticking or broken diverter valves that hamper your showering experience. The extra-flexible stainless steel hose won’t kink or tear, providing reliable leakage-free connection between the handshower and main unit.

The low-maintenance rub-clean nozzles prevent mineral buildup that can reduce water flow. Simply rub the soft jets periodically to dislodge any limescale. No need to soak or scrub with harsh chemicals.

Invest in this well-constructed dual showerhead combo just once and enjoy the luxurious spa-feel daily without breakage or leaks. The premium metal construction ensures this shower system will last at least 3 times longer than cheap plastic combo kits.

Easy DIY Installation and Convenient Adjustability

Stop wasting time and money on a plumber! This shower combo was designed for quick DIY installation. It easily connects to any standard 1/2″ shower arm without the need for tools or pipe tape.

The showerheads swivel and tilt to your perfect angle. Adjust the slide bar position and height to suit all family members. The extra-long hose provides flexibility for kids, seniors, or those with mobility challenges. Easily detach the hand shower for use as a flexible bidet too.

Save time scrubbing the shower enclosure and curtains. The hand shower conveniently reaches the entire surround to rinse away soap scum and maintain a spotless space.

We Stand Behind Our Products with a 3-Year Warranty

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we provide a 3-year warranty and lifetime support on all V-Frankness products. We want you to have the best shower experience possible.

Our helpful customer service team is available 6 days a week to answer any questions about installation or operation. We’ll quickly send replacement parts in the unlikely event anything breaks or malfunctions.

Thousands of customers have provided glowing reviews and feedback about the performance and longevity of our shower systems. Our engineering team is committed to continuous improvement so you can relax knowing you’ve purchased a high-quality product.

Upgrade to the spa-like luxury of a hotel shower right in your own home. This beautiful dual showerhead combo will provide years of soaking relaxation. Scroll up and click Add to Cart now to experience the invigorating difference V-Frankness can make! 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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