Vanbus Slide Bar Shower Head – Luxurious Handheld Shower Head with Adjustable Holder for Spa-like Relaxation


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Indulge in a luxurious, spa-like shower experience with the Vanbus Slide Bar Shower Head. This premium shower head set combines the invigorating power of a handheld shower head with the convenience of an adjustable slide bar holder for the ultimate customizable shower.

Built to Last with Sleek Matte Black Finish

Constructed entirely from heavy-duty stainless steel, this shower set is designed to last. The modern matte black finish gives it a sleek, contemporary look that adds style to any bathroom décor. Advanced finish technology increases surface strength so it resists scratches, corrosion and tarnishing even with daily use.

5 Soothing Spray Modes for a Spa Shower

With five different spray settings, you can customize your shower for ultimate relaxation. Choose from full body spray, massage, full body + massage, massage spray or pause mode. The full body setting gives you wide coverage to rinse quickly while the massage mode targets sore muscles with a focused, pulsating stream. Combining full body and massage offers the best of both worlds for a soothing experience.

Extra-Long 59″ Hose for Flexible Handheld Showering

The extra-long 59 inch stainless steel hose gives you the flexibility to use it as a handheld shower or with the slide bar. Adjust the angle and height to your preference. Reach to shower your entire body, tilt to target tight muscles or simply detach for maximum mobility to bathe children or pets with ease.

Adjustable Slide Bar Accommodates All Heights

The height-adjustable slide bar extends from 47” to 75” to accommodate all users. Easily adjust it up or down to your preferred height and angle. Great for households with users of varying heights from children to adults.

Easy Installation in Just Minutes

Designed for hassle-free DIY installation, this shower head set installs in just minutes with basic tools. Detailed instructions provide a step-by-step guide. All necessary mounting hardware is included. Fits standard 1/2” U.S. plumbing connections.

Quality Assurance

Made from premium materials and expertly engineered for performance, Vanbus shower heads are rigorously tested for quality assurance. We stand behind our products with a lifetime limited warranty and friendly USA-based customer service, so you can purchase worry-free.

Experience the luxurious difference a high quality handheld shower head can make. The Vanbus Slide Bar Shower Head offers an affordable spa-like escape right in your own home. Enjoy a customized shower with the flexibility of handheld spray options and the convenience of a slide bar holder.

Set Includes:

  • 1 Slide Bar
  • 1 Handheld Shower Head
  • 1 59” Stainless Steel Hose
  • Mounting Hardware


  • Contemporary design finished in matte black
  • Constructed from solid stainless steel – built to last
  • 5 Soothing spray settings – full body, massage, combo, pause
  • Angle adjustable slide bar extends from 47″ to 75″
  • Extra-long 59” stainless steel hose for flexible handheld use
  • Easy tool-free installation with included hardware
  • Fits standard 1/2” U.S. plumbing connections
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Customize Your Shower with 5 Soothing Spray Modes:

  • Full Body Spray – Wide spray for full coverage rinsing
  • Massage Spray – Targets sore muscles with focused stream
  • Full Body + Massage – Balance of wide spray and massage stream
  • Massage Pulse Spray – Massaging pulsating spray
  • Pause Mode – Stop water flow while lathering up


  • Customizable spray options for a spa-like shower
  • Overhead rainshower coverage or targeted massage
  • Adjustable slide bar suitable for all heights
  • Handheld flexibility for bathing kids, pets or cleaning
  • Durable stainless steel construction with matte black finish
  • Easy DIY installation with included hardware
  • Improves water pressure over standard shower heads

Elevate your shower experience with the luxurious Vanbus Slide Bar Shower Head. Enjoy total flexibility and customization for the ultimate spa-like escape right at home.


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