Vera Wang Sculpted Pleat Black 6pc Luxury Bath Towel Set – Elegant & Plush Cotton Towels for Spa-Like Comfort


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Give your bathroom a touch of refined elegance with the Vera Wang Sculpted Pleat Black 6-piece luxury bath towel set. Crafted from 100% cotton, these towels offer a sublime balance of beauty and exceptional functionality that will turn your daily bathing ritual into a luxurious spa-like experience.

The lofty 100% cotton construction provides unparalleled softness as well as maximum absorbency so you can dry off quickly and comfortably. The medium weight is ideal for both drying and warmth. Thick and plush, these towels will wrap you in cozy comfort after your shower or bath. At the same time, the fabric is highly durable and machine washable for ease of care.

This set includes two bath towels measuring 54 x 30 inches, two hand towels measuring 28 x 18 inches, and two fingertip towels measuring 18 x 12 inches. With multiple sizes included, you’ll have a towel for every need. The elegant black color features a subtle sculpted pleat design that adds visual interest and a touch of sophistication.

Whether you’re looking to replace old towels or want to add a decorative accent to your bathroom, this Vera Wang set makes an excellent choice. The combination of functionality, luxury, and beauty is hard to match. Just one touch and you’ll fall in love with the softness!

Luxurious Materials & Quality Construction for a Pampered Feel

100% Cotton – The pure cotton construction delivers exceptional softness, absorbency, and durability. Cotton is a natural fiber that allows your skin to breathe.
Lofty Fabric – The lofty looped construction provides a pleasurably plush feel and efficient absorbency to keep you dry after bathing.
Medium Weight – At around 600 gsm, these towels offer the ideal balance of softness and absorbency. Heavyweight enough to get the job done without being too bulky.
Long-Staple Cotton – For extra long fibers that enhance softness and durability while minimizing lint and pilling.
OEKO-TEX Certified – This textile certification indicates the materials and dyes used meet high safety standards and are free from harmful substances.
Made to Last – Superior stitching and construction allow these towels to withstand repeated use and machine washing.

Spa-Like 6-Piece Bath Towel Set

This set includes:

2 Bath Towels (54 x 30 inches) – The large bath towels allow you to comfortably wrap up after a shower or bath.
2 Hand Towels (28 x 18 inches) – The mid-size hand towels are perfect for drying your hands and face.
2 Fingertip Towels (18 x 12 inches) – The petite fingertip towels lend a touch of luxury when reaching for a towel after washing up.
With multiple sizes included, every member of the family can enjoy that just-out-of-the-spa feeling. The classic colors and timeless sculpted pleat design provide a unified look for your bathroom decor.

Luxurious Features

Soft & Absorbent – The lofty, velvety-soft cotton provides exceptional absorbency to keep you dry while pampering your skin.
Quick-Drying – The cotton fiber naturally absorbs moisture efficiently and dries quickly.
Durable – Superior construction and long-staple cotton make these towels built to last through repeated machine washing.
Medium Weight – Provides efficient absorbency without unnecessary bulk.
Decorative Pleats – The subtle pleat design adds a touch of sophistication and visual appeal.
Classic Color – The elegant black colorway works with any style of bathroom decor.
OEKO-TEX Certified – Assures the dyes and materials meet stringent safety standards.
Machine Washable – Can be conveniently cleaned at home on cold and tumble dry low.

Elevate Your Bathing Ritual

After a long day, few things are as relaxing as taking a hot shower or bath. Treat yourself to the little luxuries that make this daily ritual soothing and therapeutic for both body and mind.

The Vera Wang Sculpted Pleat towel set provides the soft, indulgent feel of a high-end spa, allowing you to wrap up in comfort. The cozy texture is pure bliss against bare skin. Each plush towel hugs you in gentle softness, whisking away moisture.

Dry off slowly and mindfully, taking a few minutes to simply breathe and be present. Let the lofty cotton coddle you in its warm embrace. Then slip into your favorite pajamas or robe and enjoy the clean, refreshed feeling only a good bathing ritual can bring.

With this elegant Vera Wang set, you’ll look forward to spa days at home. Treat yourself to long baths by candlelight, de-stress in the shower, or get ready at a leisurely pace each morning. Whatever your self-care routine, these luxury towels will elevate the experience.

Perfect for Any Decor

With their classic pleated design in versatile black, these Vera Wang bath towels pair effortlessly with any style of bathroom decor. The elegant color and subtle details add a touch of sophistication without overpowering.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, minimalist, or eclectic, these towels will coordinate beautifully. Hang them on display or fold them in a basket to show off the subtle pleats. And store them neatly on open shelves or in a cabinet between uses.

Made from 100% natural cotton, these towels also match any color palette. Pair them with cool tones like white, gray and blue or warm hues like tan, terracotta and gold. The versatile black shade provides a neutral base to build your bathroom design around.

With their timeless beauty and all-cotton quality, you’re sure to enjoy these towels for years to come. As trends come and go, these Vera Wang towels will remain a classic addition to your home.

Vera Wang – Mark of Sophistication

The Vera Wang brand is synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and impeccable style. As one of the premier designers of bridal fashions and celebrity red carpet gowns, Wang is an icon in the fashion world. Her collections exude graceful elegance.

This same dedication to creating beautiful yet functional products with exquisite attention to detail is reflected in the Vera Wang bath collection. Made to pamper and induldge, these everyday home basics like towels and robes are transformed into objects of desire.

With their lofty cotton, subtle details, and standout style, the Sculpted Pleat towels embody Wang’s signature aesthetic. Luxury doesn’t have to be over the top. Simple touches like pleats and premium materials make these towels special.

Known for merging romance with modern minimalism, Vera Wang’s collections include timeless pieces that transcend trends. This sculpted pleat towel set is sure to bring a refined touch of luxury well into the future.

Love Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a relaxing space. An oasis to retreat to at the end of each day, where you can wash your face, brush your teeth, and get ready at an unhurried pace. Give yourself permission to slow down and treat mundane tasks like part of your self-care ritual.

And why not indulge in little luxuries like soft towels and candles to make it feel extra special?

Create a bathroom you look forward to spending time in. Display your fluffiest towels, line up pretty bottles of body wash and lotion, keep fresh flowers on the counter. The details matter.

Light a scented candle and take time to nurture yourself. Whether you’re enjoying a soak in the tub or a quick shower before work, a beautiful bathroom makes it feel pampering.

The plush Vera Wang bath towels add a touch of spa-like luxury. Wrap up in their softness to turn bathing into a cherished part of your everyday self-care.


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