Victorinox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife – The Ultimate slicer for Effortless Cutting


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This Victorinox 12-inch slicing knife is the perfect cutting tool for any home cook or professional chef looking for superior performance, comfort, and durability. With its razor-sharp, scalpel-like edge and Granton-style hollow divots, this knife glides through food with minimal friction for clean, smooth cuts every time.

Cuts Like Butter

The long, narrow blade shape paired with a razor-sharp edge allows you to make continuous slices with ease through roasts, hams, bread loaves, cakes, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and more. The knife’s scalpel-like sharpness delivers clean, even cuts without tearing or mangling food. The hollow Granton divots create small air pockets along the length of the blade to prevent food from sticking for effortless motion. This innovative blade technology allows you to slice everything from delicate tomatoes to hearty roasts with precision and efficiency.

Superior Performance You Can Trust

This slicing knife has been awarded the seal of approval from a leading gourmet consumer magazine that provides unbiased ratings and reviews of cookware and kitchen equipment. The razor-sharp edge and Granton divots earned top ratings for cutting performance, edge retention, ease of use, and durability. Testers found the knife to be comfortable and highly efficient at cutting a variety of foods from meat and poultry to bread, fruits and delicate desserts.

Quality Materials for Maximum Durability

Made in Switzerland, this knife features high carbon stainless steel blades hand-finished by skilled artisans. The precision-forged construction ensures maximum strength and corrosion resistance to maintain a lasting sharp edge. The durable, ergonomic black Fibrox Pro handle provides a secure, non-slip grip even when wet for safety and control. Plus, each knife comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects so you can purchase with confidence.

Trusted By Professionals Worldwide

Victorinox knives have been crafted in Switzerland since 1884 and are trusted tools for chefs and home cooks across the globe. The maker of the Original Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox cutlery is crafted from only the highest quality materials and designed to withstand years of heavy use. This 12-inch slicing knife has all the features professionals demand including:

  • High-carbon stainless steel blade engineered for strength, durability and precision cutting
  • Laser-tested for maximum edge retention; ice-tempered to sustain sharpness longer
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced for easy handling
  • Textured Fibrox Pro handle provides a secure, comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Dishwasher safe – handy for quick clean up
  • Expertly crafted in Switzerland; lifetime warranty against defects

Superior Slicing for Home Cooks & Chefs

This Victorinox slicing knife will quickly become your go-to cutting tool for portioning meats, slicing roasted protein, cutting generous sandwiches and bread, trimming fat, filleting fish and more. The long, thin, razor-sharp blade offers the control and precision needed for clean cuts with reduced tearing. Granton divots keep food from sticking for seamless slicing motion with each draw and pull of the blade. Chefs will appreciate the knife’s durability and balanced weight when slicing proteins to order in busy kitchens. Home cooks will love the comfort and efficiency it brings to meal prep. This knife takes the effort out of slicing and chopping so you can focus on creating exceptional food.

Your New Go-To Slicer

Stop struggling with knives that squash, tear, and wedge when slicing. Upgrade your prep with this Victorinox 12-inch granton edge slicer designed for effortless, picture-perfect cuts. The razor-sharp edge, lightweight Swiss design, and lifetime warranty make this the last slicing knife you may ever need to buy. Chop, slice and carve with ease knowing your knife can stand up to daily use at home or the busiest restaurant kitchen. Victorinox quality is unmatched – purchase today and experience slicing simplicity!


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