Vierose 18 Inch Smart Touch Control Vanity Makeup Mirror with LED Lights – Dim and Brighten for Your Perfect Makeup Look


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Looking for the perfect makeup mirror to get your daily glam on point? Search no more! The Vierose 18 Inch Smart Touch Control Vanity Makeup Mirror is about to become your new BFF.

With its sleek minimalist design and smart touch features, this LED light up mirror makes doing your makeup an absolute breeze. No more squinting and struggling to get the perfect winged eyeliner or lip contour – this mirror lights you up in all the right ways.

Let’s break down all the features that make this the ultimate makeup mirror:

Extra Large 18 Inch Mirror Shows Your Entire Gorgeous Face

The 18 inch diameter gives you a full view of your flawless face. No more tiny compact mirrors that force you to do your makeup in tiny sections! This mirror allows you to see your entire visage in one glance.

You can check that your foundation and contours are blended to perfection. Make sure your eye makeup is symmetrical. See how your whole lipstick look comes together.

The expansive 18 inch size makes putting on your face a breeze!

360 Degree Rotation Lets You Adjust the Angle Freely

The base of the mirror rotates a full 360 degrees so you can position it at the perfect angle.

Easily adjust the tilt and height to reduce glare and shadows as you do your makeup. Finding the optimal lighting is a cinch with the smooth rotating base.

No matter if you are sitting or standing, you can modify the angle to suit your needs.

Smart Touch Buttons Give You Complete Lighting Control

This makeup mirror isn’t just smart — it’s genius!

With the sensitive touch controls, you can turn the lights on and off and adjust through 3 color temperatures.

Choose cool white for daytime lighting. Opt for warm white to match indoor evening ambiance. Or pick natural white for a bright makeup studio vibe.

Not only that, you can dim the brightness from an intense 100% down to a softer 20%. With the tap of a finger, find the perfect luminosity for flawless makeup application.

The smart touch buttons give you complete command over the lighting. No more harsh bulbs overexposing your blemishes! This mirror lets you illuminate your gorgeous face just the way you want.

Minimalist Design Looks Chic and Prevents Dust Buildup

Tired of old-school vanity mirrors with blinding bulbs surrounded by dust-catching shades? This mirror ditches the dated look for a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

The built-in LED light strip gives off a gorgeous glow without any glare. The smooth glass and cylindrical base have a sharp, sleek style perfect for modern bedrooms and bathrooms.

Not only does it look great, the minimalist design prevents dust from collecting on bulbs and fixtures. Your mirror will maintain its polished, elegant look for years to come.

True-to-Life Lighting Shows Your Real Skin in HD

This well-lit mirror displays your true beauty in stunning high definition.

The built-in LEDs emit optimal daylight illumination so you can see your skin clearly and accurately. No more guessing how your foundation looks in dim, dingy lighting!

Check for flawless blending, expert highlights and contours, and perfect symmetry in the realistic lighting. You’ll know your makeup looks as amazing in daylight as it does in front of this mirror.

Long Lasting Copper-Free Silver Mirror Won’t Corrode

The mirror glass itself is built to last. Made of copper-free silver, it has an ultra low corrosion rate. It stays cleaner and fog-free compared to regular silver mirrors.

The high quality silver maintains its reflective properties year after year. While ordinary mirrors corrode over time, this one keeps providing distortion-free high definition reflections.

Plus, the silver adhesive holds the fragments together even if the glass cracks. No need to worry about shattered glass scattering all over!

Sturdy Cylindrical Base Protects Your Furniture

The round base keeps the mirror strongly in place while protecting your furniture.

No need to drill holes or install hardware. The solid base has non-slip padding to prevent scratches.

The modern mirrored cylinder design adds a touch of unique flair. The sturdy base holds the mirror steady during use.

Set this mirror on any table or dresser without worry – the bottom prevents damage to the surface while keeping the mirror firmly grounded.

Love Your Makeup Look with Perfectly Lit Magnification

You’ll fall in love with your beauty routine using this smartly designed makeup mirror!

The ample 18 inch viewing area, 360 degree adjustability, dimmable LED lights, and wide angle true-to-life view will make flawless makeup application a cinch.

Be confident your foundation, eye makeup, and lip color looks fabulous in any lighting. This mirror shows your real skin so you can achieve makeup prowess.

The minimalist modern style looks beautiful on any dresser or vanity. Treat yourself to this must-have makeup mirror that will make you look and feel your very best every single day!

We Guarantee You’ll Love Your Purchase!

We stand behind the quality of our vanity makeup mirrors and offer a 12-month replacement guarantee. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase.

Try out the perfect lighting, smart touch controls, and stylish design of this mirror risk-free. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, just contact us. We will make sure you are happy with your mirror!

We also provide friendly customer service around the clock. Reach out with any questions or issues. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Get the ultimate 18 inch smart touch control vanity makeup mirror today! Have confidence you’ll love using this well-designed mirror to look your very best each day.


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