Vierose 20″ Ultra Bright LED Vanity Makeup Mirror – Touch Control with 3 Color Modes for Flawless Makeup Application


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Discover the secret to perfect makeup application with the Vierose 20″ Ultra Bright LED Vanity Makeup Mirror. This round lighted makeup mirror provides the ideal lighting and extra-large viewing area to help you achieve a flawless look every time.

The generous 20” diameter mirror gives you an expansive view of your face, neck, and décolletage as you apply makeup. The 360-degree swivel design also allows you to position the mirror at the optimal angle for any makeup task. Whether you need detailed views for eye makeup application or want to check your overall look from all sides, this vanity mirror makes it easy.

But it’s the adjustable LED lighting that really sets this mirror apart. With a quick touch of the smart control button, you can switch between three different lighting modes:

Cold Light – The closest to natural sunlight, cold light shows colors as they would appear outdoors without any warm color bias. It’s perfect for achieving an accurate daytime makeup look.

Natural Light – With a brightness and tone similar to indoor ambient light, the natural light mode shows makeup colors as you would see them indoors. It’s ideal for checking how your makeup will look under typical indoor lighting conditions.

Warm Light – The warm light adds a soft yellow/orange tone that flatters skin and minimizes the appearance of flaws. Use this flattering glow for evening makeup looks or a candlelit date night.

No more makeup mistakes or mismatched foundation because of poor lighting! The color-correct LED lighting ensures you see true, flawless results every time you use the Vierose makeup mirror.

Making precision makeup application even easier, you can also dim the brightness with a simple long press on the touch control. Soft mood lighting helps reduce eye strain when you need more relaxed viewing. While max brightness lets you see every detail for flawless blending and contouring.

The smart touch control button provides effortless operation without cluttering up your vanity. Quick on/off taps and color switching keep your countertop clutter-free. No need for a bulky separate controller unit.

Built to last, this LED makeup mirror is designed with quality materials for superior durability and performance:

Copper-free, silver corrosion resistant glass maintains a crystal clear reflective surface over years of daily use. Far more durable than conventional silver mirrors.
A sturdy pre-assembled metal base provides stability and prevents wobbling while applying makeup.
Long-lasting LED strip lighting is rated for a 50,000 hour lifetime. No more replacing bulbs and adjusting gooseneck designs!
Energy efficient LEDs paired with a 12V UL certified power adapter prevent overheating and electrical hazards.
Touch sensor withstands over 100,000 activations for years of reliable service.
We want you to love using your new lighted makeup mirror every morning! That’s why the Vierose 20” LED Vanity Mirror comes backed by a hassle-free customer satisfaction guarantee. We’re always here via Amazon messaging to answer any product questions or help with returns/replacements within 24 hours.

With its generous viewing area, color adjustable lighting, and sleek modern design, this LED mirror provides the perfect makeup application experience right from the comfort of your home. No more rushing through makeup due to bad lighting or relying on harsh bathroom lighting.

The Vierose Lighted Makeup Mirror Features:

20” diameter glass provides a wide viewing area for full face, neck, and décolletage
360 degree adjustable swivel for optimal viewing angles
Touch control button for easy on/off and lighting adjustments
3 lighting color modes – cold, natural, and warm white
Dimming capability for adjustable brightness
Long-lasting, energy efficient LED light strip
Copper-free silver mirror glass resists corrosion
Stable metal base for countertop use
12V UL certified power adapter
Take your makeup routine to the next level with perfect views, perfect lighting, and perfect results every time. The Vierose 20” LED Vanity Makeup Mirror will help you look absolutely flawless!


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