Vinchef Stainless Steel Frying Pan – Professional Grade Nonstick Cookware for Healthy Meals


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Take your cooking to the next level with the Vinchef Stainless Steel Frying Pan. This professional-grade 13 inch pan is crafted with innovative technology to deliver superior nonstick performance and easy food release – all while being completely non-toxic.

Cutting-Edge Nonstick Technology

At the heart of this frying pan is Vinchef’s revolutionary micro-convex grain technology. The interior cooking surface features a series of microscopic bumps that minimize surface contact between your food and the pan. This results in exceptional nonstick properties that prevent sticking and allow you to cook with little to no oil. Food slides right off for quick serving and effortless cleanup.

The micro-convex grain is also extremely durable to resist scratches and abrasion over years of daily use. It’s 3x more long-lasting compared to standard nonstick coatings. This means your Vinchef pan will keep providing flawless nonstick performance for the long haul.

Toxin-Free for Healthy Cooking

Unlike traditional nonstick pans, the Vinchef Frying Pan is completely PFOA-free. It does not contain any harmful perfluorinated chemicals that can leach into food during cooking. You can cook all your family’s meals knowing there are zero toxic compounds.

The pan is crafted from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel and finished with a food-safe ceramic-based coating. It’s incredibly durable and will not react with acidic ingredients. Your delicious creations will taste pure, natural and healthy.

Versatile for All Stovetops

This professional-grade frying pan can be used on all types of stove – gas, electric, induction, halogen, glass top and more. The aluminum core ensures rapid, even heat distribution across the entire pan surface. It’s also compatible with the oven up to 356°F.

That means you can sauté meats and veggies on the stovetop, then finish cooking casseroles or roasts in the oven. From searing steaks to baking fish en papillote, this do-it-all frying pan has you covered.

Effortless to Clean and Maintain

Thanks to the ultra nonstick surface, cleaning up after cooking is a breeze. Food residue wipes away easily after each use. You can also pop it in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning.

To keep your pan looking like new, hand wash with mild dish soap and avoid using abrasive scouring pads. After washing, make sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent mineral deposits from water spotting. Periodically season with a small amount of vegetable oil to enhance the nonstick protection.

Crafted for a Lifetime of Cooking

This frying pan is built to last thanks to its sturdy one-piece construction. The riveted stainless steel handle stays cool while cooking. And the vented tempered glass lid traps in heat and moisture.

Buy the Vinchef Stainless Steel Frying Pan today and enjoy healthier, nonstick cooking for years to come. Your kitchen will be fully equipped to fry, sauté, sear, bake and more. Unleash your inner chef with this professional-grade pan!

Product Details:

  • 13 inch diameter cooking surface
  • Oven safe up to 356°F
  • Dishwasher safe but hand washing recommended
  • Suitable for all stove types including induction
  • Toxin-free ceramic-based nonstick coating
  • Durable 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • Cool-touch riveted handle
  • Vented glass lid included
  • Micro-convex grain technology for superior nonstick
  • 3x more durable than standard nonstick coatings


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