VITVITI Toothbrush Holder for Bathroom, Bathroom Organizer Countertop, Bathroom Accessories with 5 Compartments for Toothpaste/Vanity Counter, White Resin Marble Color


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Keep your bathroom counters clutter-free and organized with the VITVITI Toothbrush Holder. This cleverly designed organizer provides dedicated storage for all your daily bathroom essentials. Crafted from durable white resin, the holder boasts a faux marble pattern that adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor. With a drainage system and slip-resistant bottom, it helps keep your vanity tidy and hygienic.

Spacious 5-Compartment Design

The VITVITI holder features two rows of compartments to keep your bathroom necessities neatly organized yet within arm’s reach.

The back row contains two extra-wide slots perfectly sized for storing electric toothbrushes. The brushed nickel charging stations built into each slot allow you to conveniently recharge your electric brush when not in use. Next to the electric toothbrush compartments are three smaller slots for upright storage of manual toothbrushes and toothbrush heads.

The front row has a long open compartment for neatly arranging cups, tumblers, and small toiletries. Place makeup remover pads, facial sprays, cotton swabs, and more in easy reach. Two end compartments provide dedicated storage for multiple tube toothpastes and toothpaste caps.

With space for up to 5 toothbrushes, 4 toothpaste tubes, cups, and other items, this organizer has you covered for all your bathroom storage needs.

Heavy Duty Resin Construction

The VITVITI holder is constructed from thick, durable resin specially formulated to withstand the high humidity environment of the bathroom. The resin material resists damage from drops, knocks, and normal wear and tear. Unlike cheap acrylic organizers, this holder will maintain its structural integrity and appearance over years of regular use.

Weighing in at a substantial 1.5 pounds, the weighted resin base adds stability. The holder stays firmly planted on your counter without sliding around.

Marble Look Elevates Your Bathroom

The white resin body is artfully imprinted with a realistic faux marble pattern. The natural stone detailing adds an upscale, spa-like vibe to your bathroom decor.

The marble look pairs perfectly with any style bathroom, from modern and contemporary to traditional and farmhouse. Matching marble canisters, cotton jars, and soap dispensers from VITVITI allow you to carry the coordinated marble look throughout your bathroom.

Built-In Drainage System

Toothbrushes, cups, and toiletries inevitably drip small amounts of water and residue. Without proper drainage, this leads to messy buildup and promotes mold growth in enclosed compartments.

The VITVITI holder combats this issue with a drainage system integrated into the base. Excess water flows through channels and holes in the bottom, keeping the interior dry and hygienic.

Four non-slip silicone pads on the base elevate the holder to allow air circulation underneath for quick drying.

Multi-Purpose Beyond the Bathroom

While designed for bathroom storage, the versatile utility of the VITVITI holder makes it useful throughout the home.

Keep it in the kitchen to neatly organize cooking utensils, spices, oils, and cleaning supplies. Place it bedside to hold cups and small personal items within arm’s reach. Use it in the laundry room for storing detergents and other washing accessories.

The compact footprint takes up minimal space while providing organized storage wherever you need it.

Premium Quality Guarantee

VITVITI stands behind the quality of our bathroom accessories with a money-back guarantee. Our holders are handcrafted and inspected to ensure they meet our strict standards.

The durable resin holds up to daily use without cracking, chipping, or peeling. The compartments keep their shape without sagging or warping.

Should any issues arise during regular use, contact VITVITI customer support for a prompt replacement or full refund.

Keep Your Bathroom Clutter-Free and Organized

If messy countertops and disorganized toiletries drive you crazy, the VITVITI Toothbrush Holder is the solution. This well-designed organizer neatly houses all your go-to bathroom items in one place.

The ample storage capacity keeps electric and regular toothbrushes upright and tidy. Toothpastes and daily use toiletries have dedicated compartments to eliminate clutter. Built-in charging docks keep electric toothbrushes fully juiced and ready to go.

Durable resin construction and integrated drainage give you years of reliable use. And the marble-look pattern adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor.

Don’t waste another minute rummaging through clutter to find what you need. Get the VITVITI Toothbrush Holder today and take back your bathroom counters!


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