V’s Layover into Your Heart: The Complete Weverse Album Set (4 Versions)


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Escape into the musical wonderland of K-pop sensation V with this comprehensive 4 album set. As a member of the internationally renowned group BTS, V has cemented his status as a vocal and visual icon. Now with his solo endeavors, he is spreading his creative wings to new heights. This set contains every single version of V’s hit 2022-2023 Weverse albums, giving fans an all-access pass into his musical metamorphosis.

Albums Included:

  • Layover Version: V’s first official solo album where he soars beyond expectations. With an aviation concept, the album cover features V poised in front of a private jet wearing aviator sunglasses. His gaze hints at the adventures ahead. Songs range from groovy funk to emotional ballads as V’s velvety voice ensures a smooth flight.
  • Hawaii Version: Drawing inspiration from the aloha state, this album transports listeners to tropical paradise. The cover has V relaxing oceanside in a Hawaiian shirt, ready to serenade with island-infused tracks. Upbeat songs like “Rock your Hawaii” and “Sandy Toes” evoke carefree vacation vibes.
  • Snowy Mountain Version: A stark contrast from Hawaii’s shores, these wintry songs reflect introspection and comfort. V bundles up in a ski jacket on the cover, poetically poised on a snowy slope. Heartfelt ballads like “Winter Flower” and “Snow Angels” radiate warmth during cold seasons.
  • Weverse Version: As V’s first release on the Weverse album platform, this special version kickstarted his solo chronicles. The symbolic cover features V peering thoughtfully into a mirror, hinting at the raw self-reflection within the lyrics. Songs like “Me Myself and I” embed listeners into V’s inner psyche.

V’s Voice is Your Getaway

Like a relaxing vacation for your ears, V’s velvety vocals on these albums will whisk you away from everyday life. Each track permeates with sincere emotions straight from his heart. His genre-spanning songs take listeners on a cross-country trip through soundscapes:

  • Funky hip-hop beats in “Breezy” and “Hit the Pedal”
  • Retro swing rhythms in “Lounge Act” and “Tap Tap Jazz”
  • Powerful belt notes in the ballads “Confession” and “Raindrops”
  • Sweet acoustics in “Campfire Sessions” and “Unplugged”

V effortlessly traverses musical styles while imprinting each track with his unique vocal color. Like a musical chameleon, he renders every lyric with hypnotic emotion.

Physical Details:

Each album version includes:

  • 1 version-specific photobook showcasing V’s artistic visuals
  • 1 random photo card from a set of 7 gorgeous designs
  • CD in a crystal case with V’s signature on the disc
  • Folded poster depicting the cover image
  • Stickers to decorate belongings with V’s smile

As an added bonus, this set includes an EXCLUSIVE double-sided photocards gift only available at Kpop Market. With this comprehensive compilation, you can fully immerse yourself in V’s musical landscape.

Let V be your personal tour guide into new auditory adventures with this Weverse album set. His soulful voice will ground you while his genre-crossing songs take you places beyond imagination. Escape reality and layover into V’s world anytime with a simple press of play.


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