VXV Luxury Rainfall Shower Combo


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Indulge in a rejuvenating rainfall shower experience with the VXV Luxury Rainfall Shower Combo. This luxurious matte black shower fixture combines an extra-large 8″ rainfall showerhead and a multifunction handheld showerhead, giving you the best of both worlds.

Rainfall Showerhead Provides a Spa-Like Experience

The generous 8″ diameter rainfall showerhead is designed to mimic the gentle fall of rain, allowing water to flow evenly over your entire body. Made of durable ABS plastic, the showerhead features rub-clean jets that resist mineral buildup. Adjust the angle of the showerhead using the convenient slide bar to customize your shower.

With 90 rub-clean nozzles, this rainfall showerhead delivers a relaxing high-pressure spray. The nozzles are carefully arranged into three zones to ensure full and even coverage. The showerhead provides just the right amount of flow, immersing your body in a soothing cascade of water.

6 Spray Modes Handheld Shower Meets All Your Needs

The multifunction handheld showerhead provides customized spray options for targeted cleaning or massaging relief. Made of quality ABS plastic, the ergonomic grip fits comfortably in your hand. An anti-swirl spray design prevents tangled water streams.

Use the convenient slider to switch between 6 spray modes:

Power Rain – Invigorating full spray
Massage – Targeted pulsing streams
Mist – Light, gentle rain
Jet – Strong focused spray
Water Saving Economy – Low flow eco-friendly mode
Pause – Temporary water shutoff
Adjust the angle and distance to direct water just where you want it. The ideal solution for washing kids or pets, shaving legs, or rinsing out conditioner.

Flexible Slide Bar Allows Adjustable Positions

The sturdy slide bar allows you to adjust both showerheads to the perfect angle and height for your needs. Raise or lower the handheld, or angle the rainfall showerhead out of your way when not in use. Great for households with users of varying heights.

Constructed of solid brass for durability, the slide bar features a convenient hand tightening knob to lock in position. The slide action glides smoothly along the angle-adjustable upper mount.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Designed to fit any standard 1/2″ shower arm, this showerhead combo can upgrade most existing showers. The tools-free installation takes less than 20 minutes, with no plumber required.

To keep your showerheads flowing freely, simply rub the soft nozzles to remove any mineral deposits. The rub-clean jets allow for easy maintenance and prevent clogging.

Luxurious Addition to Any Bathroom

Treat yourself to the rejuvenating luxury of a rainfall shower with the VXV showerhead combo. The generous showerheads drench you in soothing water for a refreshing, spa-like experience. Fully customize both showerheads with adjustable positions and spray modes to suit your mood.

With a beautiful matte black finish and solid brass accents, this shower fixture adds sophistication to any contemporary or traditional bathroom. Experience a shower that’s more relaxing and indulgent than ever before. Upgrade your home with the VXV Luxury Rainfall Shower Combo today!


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