Wake Up to Barista-Quality Espresso Anywhere with the WACACO Minipresso GR


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Tired of mediocre coffee on the go? Elevate your morning routine with the Minipresso GR portable espresso maker from WACACO. This compact gadget lets you brew rich, aromatic espresso from ground coffee beans anywhere life takes you.

With the Minipresso GR, you don’t need batteries or electricity to make espresso. The manual piston design gives you complete control over the brewing process for customizable flavor and consistency. Just add hot water and ground coffee, then pump the piston a few times to quickly extract a shot of espresso topped with a creamy layer of crema. The Minipresso GR can produce up to 1.35oz/40ml per shot, so you can make yourself a single or double shot to kickstart your day.

Weighing only 0.88lbs/0.4kg, the Minipresso GR is extremely portable and fits into bags, suitcases, and your car’s cup holder. Take it camping or hiking to enjoy your favorite dark roast under the stars. Keep it at the office to avoid the morning coffee run and make barista-quality espresso in minutes. Or gift it to the jet-setting espresso aficionado in your life.

With the ability to use any variety of ground coffee, this gadget gives you the flexibility to experiment with different beans and roasts. Try single-origin beans for a flavor experience that highlights the terroir of the coffee. Or use a classic Italian dark roast for a bold, intense espresso. The options are endless when you have complete control over the beans.

Brewing espresso is simple with the Minipresso GR. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Fill the Detachable Water Tank

Remove the water tank from the main cylinder and fill it with 0.7oz/20ml of hot water per shot of espresso you want to make. The maximum capacity is 3oz/90ml of water. Then reattach the water tank to the main cylinder.

2. Load the Coffee Grounds

Unscrew the filter basket lid and use the integrated scoop to add finely ground coffee. Level off the grounds with light pressure to tamp. Generally use 0.35oz/10g of coffee per shot.

3. Lock the Piston into Brewing Position

Unlock the piston from its travel position and lock it into place above the coffee filter basket.

4. Pump the Piston

Place the Minipresso GR on your cup and use the piston handle to pump and pressurize the hot water through the coffee. It takes about 15 seconds and a few pumping motions to extract a single 1.35oz/40ml shot.

5. Enjoy!

Add milk or cream if desired, and enjoy your fresh espresso! The sealable lid doubles as a cup, so you can drink directly from the Minipresso GR.

With consistent 15 bar pressure, the Minipresso GR ensures proper espresso extraction and delivers a balanced flavor topped with a crema layer just like a barista would make. The durable polypropylene and ABS plastic construction means this gadget is safe for food contact and built to last. And it comes in a variety of colors to match your style.

Take Your Minipresso Espresso to the Next Level with Compatible Accessories (Sold Separately):

– Minipresso NS Adapter: Attaches to the bottom of the Minipresso GR to hold your cup steady while pumping.

– Minipresso Barista Kit: Includes a tamper, reusable cup, cleaning brush and scoop. Customize your brew and enjoy espresso in a mug.

– Minipresso Case: Safely carry and store your Minipresso GR in this sleek case handmade in genuine leather. Choose from black, brown or tan colors.

As a brand, WACACO is dedicated to making it easy for coffee lovers to brew the perfect cup anywhere. They offer a 1-year warranty on the Minipresso GR to cover defects.

Make bold, rich espresso from beans in the comfort of home or on your next adventure. The Minipresso GR portable espresso maker lets you be your own barista and savor quality coffee anywhere. Add this gadget to your morning routine or gift it to the coffee lover in your life.

Order the WACACO Minipresso GR today and infuse some flavor into every cup!


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