Warp Brothers Clear Ribbed Plast-O-Mat Floor Runner – 50ft Roll, 30in Width


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Keep your floors protected and add a decorative accent to any room with the Warp Brothers Clear Ribbed Plast-O-Mat Floor Runner. This heavy duty runner is made of crystal clear vinyl that allows your floor’s natural coloring and texture to show through while also providing a waterproof barrier against spills, messes, and heavy foot traffic.

The ribbed texture on this runner adds both visual interest and increased traction compared to smooth vinyl runners. The raised ribs help prevent slips and falls by providing grip underfoot in kitchens, hallways, laundry rooms, basements, or any other high-traffic area.

At 50 feet long and 30 inches wide, this floor runner roll covers a large area in one continuous piece without seams. It can be cut to size easily with household scissors, so you can customize the shape and dimensions to fit your space perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Made of thick 12mil crystal clear vinyl for durability
  • Ribbed texture for visually appealing look and added traction
  • Rolls out smoothly and lays flat without curling up
  • Waterproof and resistant to spills, grease, and stains
  • Made in the USA with quality commercial-grade vinyl
  • Can be cut to size with scissors for a custom fit
  • Easy to wipe clean with just soap and water
  • Protects floors from daily wear and tear
  • Adds decorative accent to kitchens, hallways, basements, etc
  • 50 foot length x 30 inch width

Crystal Clear Protection for Floors

The transparent vinyl material allows this floor runner to blend into your existing decor seamlessly. It provides a protective barrier over your floors without detracting from the aesthetic. The clear matte finish prevents glares or reflections.

Durable 12mil thick vinyl stands up to heavy foot traffic from kids, pets, and constant activity without damage. It helps shield hardwood, tile, or laminate from scratches, scuffs, and water damage. The non-porous vinyl also resists stains, grease drips, mud, and more – keeping your floors looking like new.

Traction Ribbed Texture for Safety

The raised ribs along the Plast-O-Mat give you improved traction and grip to prevent slips and falls. They provide sure footing in places prone to spills like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entryways. The ribbed surface is perfect for handicap accessibility as well.

The vinyl ribs also add an attractive decoration. Their grid pattern complement most decors from modern to traditional. Use this runner to define walkways in large open spaces or high-traffic zones. The ribbing provides visual interest in any room.

Customizable Size for a Perfect Fit

With a 50 foot length, this vinyl runner provides ample coverage for large spaces. Easily trim it to the exact size you need using just a pair of scissors. Fit it wall-to-wall in long hallways, pantries, laundry rooms, or border your kitchen workspace.

The generous 30 inch width works well for entries, doorways, and hallways. Wide enough for two people to walk comfortably side-by-side. Purchase multiple rolls to cover large open concept rooms seamlessly.

Easy Maintenance & Cleanup

The non-porous vinyl material prevents spills and messes from being absorbed into the floor mat. Simply wipe up any accidents with soap and water – no heavy scrubbing required. The ribbed texture hides footprints, dirt, and grime better than smooth runners.

To refresh the look, just mop or rinse with a garden hose occasionally. Avoid bleach and abrasive cleaners which could damage the vinyl over time. Rolls up easily for quick cleaning of floors underneath.

Install this crystal clear vinyl floor runner today to add protection and personality to high-traffic zones. Customize the shape and size to fit your home decor perfectly.


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