Waterdrop WD-G2MRO Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filter


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Tired of the contaminated water coming from your tap? Worried about the health impacts of drinking water laced with harmful contaminants? Then it’s time to take control of your drinking water quality with the Waterdrop WD-G2MRO Replacement Filter.

Engineered to fit seamlessly into Waterdrop’s WD-G2 line of under sink reverse osmosis systems, this high performance filter is your ticket to fresher, purer water straight from the tap. Using a specialized 3-stage filtration process, the WD-G2MRO significantly reduces impurities and improves taste, delivering the clean, refreshing water you deserve.

Superior Filtration Down to 0.0001 Microns

At the heart of this filter lies premium activated carbon block filtration coupled with a high rejection reverse osmosis membrane. Together, they form a formidable contaminant-busting team, capturing particles as small as 0.0001 microns. This allows the removal of over 90% of total dissolved solids (TDS) along with troublesome contaminants like lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and radioactive substances. Even better, independent lab testing verifies that Waterdrop filters meet stringent NSF safety standards for material, structural integrity and contaminant reduction. You can trust that this filter has got your back when it comes to drinking water safety.

Long Lasting Filtration

You won’t be replacing this filter anytime soon thanks to its impressive 2 year lifespan. With the capacity to handle up to 2200 gallons of water, you can enjoy roughly 5-6 gallons of freshly filtered water daily for up to 24 months before a replacement is required. No more guessing when it’s time to swap out your filter or having to track usage with tedious cartridge replacements every 6 months. The WD-G2MRO filter has got you covered with hassle-free filtration for 2 years straight.

Easy Twist-and-Click Installation

Installation is a breeze with Waterdrop’s twist-and-click filter replacement design. Just line up the tabs, give it a quick twist, and it clicks right into place. No tools or complicated connections required. And the quick connect fittings integrate seamlessly with existing Waterdrop RO systems. Going from old filter to new is as simple as twist, click, and rinse. You’ll be back to filtering in no time.

Cleaner, Fresher Water Every Time

Taste the difference with each refreshing glass. This Waterdrop filter removes chlorine and improves water flavor, so every glass is cool, crisp, and delicious straight from the tap. It even preserves the healthy minerals your body needs while reducing total dissolved solids that create cloudiness and odors. The end result is cleaner, fresher water that looks, smells and tastes better. Stay hydrated with water you’ll actually want to drink.

With the WD-G2MRO replacement filter, purifying your household water is simple. Just twist it into place, click to connect, rinse thoroughly and enjoy purified water direct from the tap. The premium activated carbon block and reverse osmosis membrane work hard to reduce over 90% of TDS, eliminate contaminants like lead and mercury, and even improve the taste. What’s not to like?

Order the WD-G2MRO today and take back control of your family’s water quality. Give your loved ones the clean, refreshing water they deserve straight from the tap. This high-capacity filter is compatible with Waterdrop’s WD-G2 line of reverse osmosis systems, making it the perfect easy-to-install replacement to maintain a continuous supply of healthier drinking water.

Product Highlights:

Replaces filter in Waterdrop WD-G2-W, WD-G2-B, and WD-G2MNR-W undersink RO systems
Reduces over 90% of TDS (total dissolved solids)
Eliminates lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and more
Filters water down to 0.0001 microns
Activated carbon block filtration
Large reverse osmosis membrane
Easy twist-and-click installation
Lasts for 2 years or 2200 gallons
Improves water taste and odor
Independently tested for safety and performance
Give your family clean, fresh tasting water straight from the tap. Order the Waterdrop WD-G2MRO replacement filter today!


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