Waterdrop WD-G2P600-RO Filter – Eliminate 99% of Contaminants for Fresh, Pure Drinking Water


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Give your family the gift of fresh, pure water right from the tap with the Waterdrop WD-G2P600-RO Filter. This innovative filter is specially designed for use with the Waterdrop WD-G2P600-W Reverse Osmosis System and replaces the original G2P600-RO filter.

With a massive filtration area and high-precision 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis membrane, this filter captures contaminants that traditional filters simply cannot. We’re talking elimination of up to 99% of total dissolved solids, nitrates, atrazine, fluoride, radium, radioactive substances, and heavy metals. Even better, it reduces concerning PFAS chemicals found in drinking water.

The mix of premium filtration materials like the activated carbon block made of all-natural Sri Lankan coconut shells and the extra PET pleated membrane target impurities and improve water taste. Your drinking water will be refreshingly clean with no weird aftertaste or odors.

Designed for convenience, this replacement filter just twists into place in seconds with no tools required. It lasts 2 years or 3,300 gallons, whichever comes first. That’s up to 600 gallons a month of purified water for your whole household.

Give your family peace of mind with the freshest, cleanest drinking water. Bring home the Waterdrop WD-G2P600-RO Filter today and experience what pure water should taste like!


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