Waterford Mara 5″ x 7″ Photo Frame – Elegant Vertical-Cut Crystal Picture Frame


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Capture Your Most Cherished Memories in Striking Waterford Crystal

Treasure your favorite photos and mementos in the brilliant clarity of the Waterford Mara 5″ x 7″ picture frame. This elegant frame is crafted from finely cut crystal, creating a timelessly beautiful way to display images of loved ones or special moments.

With its slender, vertical-cut pattern, the Mara frame epitomizes modern taste. Its long tapered cuts are intersected by shorter angled cuts, resulting in a distinctive bar effect when the crystal catches and reflects the light. This chic linear design celebrates the true crystalline brilliance and adds a contemporary flair suitable for any home interior.

The generous 5″ x 7″ size gives you ample space for showcasing a special photo. The smooth crystal edges won’t obscure details or detract from your images. Photos laser printed at a professional lab on photographic paper will take on a greater sense of depth and clarity when framed by Waterford crystal.

Truly Build a Photo Collection to Treasure

The crystal clarity and modern styling gives the Mara frame standout visual appeal that makes it ideal for spotlighting favorite family photos in the living room, images from vacations or weddings, or professional portraits and diplomas. The Mara’s distinctive look adds just the right hint of elegance.

Hang several Mara frames of assorted sizes along a stairway or hallway to build a dazzling photo gallery. The uniform vertical-cut pattern ties the look together, while the transparency of crystal frames prevents it from seeming cluttered. Or place Mara frames on shelves, console tables, or desktops to highlight images deserving of special recognition.

The radiant persona of the Mara frame brings out the best in your photographs. Its stylish good looks enhance images without overwhelming them. Photos appear sharper, clearer and more distinctive in the pure Waterford crystal frame.

Waterford Crystal Quality for Generations to Come

While perfectly at home in contemporary décor, this frame’s heirloom-quality craftsmanship will retain its beauty for generations. It’s crafted from fine crystal completely free of imperfections. Waterford artisans in Ireland cut the crystal using special diamond-edged wheels, giving the Mara its sparkling clarity and symmetry.

The Waterford legacy of producing premium crystal spans nearly 240 years. Each Mara frame bears the iconic Waterford mark of quality—the elegant signature backstamp. This commitment to excellence enhances the Mara’s value as a frame destined to be passed down through families.

Caring for Your Frames is Simple

Keep your Mara picture frames looking radiant by following a few simple care instructions. Gently wipe with a soft lint-free cloth to clean away dust or fingerprints. Avoid using cleaning fluids or abrasives that could scratch the crystal. Always place the frame on a soft padded surface to prevent scratches to the back.

For replacing images, open the frames carefully from the back rather than the front to avoid damaging the crystal. Insert your photos or artwork into the frames, or have custom matting and framing done by a professional. Your images will take on an elevated, artistic sensibility framed in the refined Waterford Mara crystal.

Give the Gift of Beautiful Memories
The 5” x 7” Mara makes a fabulous gift for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, or housewarmings. The sparkling crystal frames favorite photos with an air of sophistication. Mara frames can be presented individually or grouped in multiples to fit images of all sizes.

To create a coordinated gallery wall, combine Mara frames with other Waterford crystal photo frames like the Lismore or Alana patterns. The modern Mara styling also pairs elegantly with sleek metal or wood frames for an eclectic designer look.

For any special occasion or holiday, a gift of Mara picture frames shows your appreciation of the recipient’s most cherished memories. Imagine the delight of unveiling family photos, vacation selfies, or cherished portraits encased in the substantial weight, smooth feel and brilliance of Waterford’s flawless crystal.

Experience the Clear Perfection of Waterford

The Mara 5″ x 7″ photo frame delivers the acclaimed clarity, purity and resilience of Waterford’s renowned Irish crystal. Its elegant yet substantial presence enhances treasured images while epitomizing modern refinement in home decor. With its versatility and timeless appeal, the Mara makes an ideal frame for all your photo display needs, today and for generations to come. Let the Mara picture frame capture your most heartfelt moments to always remember in breathtaking crystal perfection.


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