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Treat yourself to a luxurious shower experience with the Waterpik Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager. This innovative shower head provides a customizable shower massage right in the comfort of your home. Upgrade your current shower and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a handheld shower massager today!

With an ergonomic handle and flexible 5-foot hose, the Waterpik Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager allows you to aim the water spray exactly where you want it for a targeted massage. The easy-grip handle fits comfortably in your hand, so you can enjoy a spa-like massage on sore muscles from head to toe. Simply place the adjustable bracket on your shower arm and use it as a regular overhead showerhead. Then lift the handheld shower head off the bracket for an invigorating handheld massage at your convenience.

The Waterpik Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager features 6 rejuvenating spray settings to customize your shower experience:

Slow Massage Spray – Wide spray pulses to gently soothe muscles

Pulsating Massage Spray – Invigorating pulsating spray to energize muscles

Full Body Spray – Full body coverage for everyday showering

Full Body + Massage Spray – Combination spray provides full coverage and massage

Power Spray – Strong spray quickly rinses away soap and shampoo

Trickle Spray – Water-saving trickle spray for shaving

The easy-to-use thumb control lets you cycle through each setting with a simple click to find your ideal water flow and spray pattern. Customize your shower with the perfect amount of pressure to relax sore muscles, stimulate circulation, or gently cleanse skin and hair. Both adjustable and powerful, this versatile shower massager has spray options for every user’s needs. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa massage or an invigorating shower to start your day with this innovative 2-in-1 shower head.

Designed for DIY installation in minutes, the Waterpik Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager enhances any standard shower. An adjustable clamp and arm securely connect the bracket to your existing shower pipe – no need for plumbing or complicated parts. All necessary fittings are included for a frustration-free installation. Simply remove your current showerhead, clamp on the adjustable arm, and enjoy advanced functionality without hassle or expense. Suitable for use in any standard shower, this easy upgrade adds a world of luxury to bathrooms and showers in homes, apartments, dorms, or hotels.

Refresh and renew with a customized shower experience using advanced technology to deliver sensory satisfaction. Waterpik integrates over 50 years of water innovation, engineering, and design to create high-quality shower heads and other bath accessories. From the ergonomic handle to the 3-zone spray face, each element is carefully designed to enhance your shower. Rubber nozzles resist buildup and are easy to clean, while a chrome finish elegantly matches modern and traditional bathroom décor alike.

The Waterpik Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager delivers luxurious features and sensory satisfaction at a truly affordable price. Enjoy advanced showerhead performance and versatility that pampers your body and pleases your wallet. The sensational shower massage soothes sore muscles, melts away tension, and energizes your entire body. Upgrade your shower space with the relaxation and renewal of a rejuvenating home spa experience.

Key Features

2-in-1 adjustable bracket for use as a handheld or overhead showerhead
6 massage and spray settings: slow massage, pulsating massage, full body spray, full body + massage, power spray, trickle spray
Easy-grip ergonomic handle with 5-foot flexible hose
Simple thumb control button cycles through each setting
3-zone spray face for wide water coverage
Rubber spray nozzles resist hard water buildup
DIY installation fits any standard shower arm
Chrome finish matches modern and traditional bath décor
Waterpik quality backed by a lifetime limited warranty

Transform Your Shower with Customizable Water Flow

The Waterpik Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager takes your shower to the next level with customizable options that invigorate the mind, body and spirit. Adjustable spray settings deliver premium showerhead performance, from gentle relaxation to powerful circulation. Treat yourself to something truly special without the spa price tag – this indulgent home shower massager brings the luxury of therapeutic massage right to your own bathroom.

Spa-Quality Massage No Matter Your Height

Shorter shower heads can blast you right in the face or neglect hard to reach spots. But the ergonomic handle and flexible hose of the Waterpik Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager adjusts to deliver the perfect angle and spray height for customized coverage. Comfortably reach tough spots like feet or back without contorting your body, while also adjusting to the ideal angle for your height and needs.

Soothe Tired Muscles and Renew Your Energy

Let pulsing warm water knead away tension and melt away pain with the slow massage and pulsating massage settings. The powerful water pressure targets sore spots to boost circulation and loosen knotted-up areas for relief. Wake up to an invigorating shower with the power spray setting before facing your day with renewed energy.

Rinse Away Stress and Refresh Your Senses

After a long day, treat yourself to relaxation with a slow massage that washes your worries down the drain. The gentle full body spray also calms the mind for stress-free bathing, while the trickle spray makes shaving comfortable and nick-free. Revive your senses and prepare for restful sleep with an indulgent shower or bath.

Easy Maintenance Keeps Your Showerhead Performing Like New

Hard water mineral deposits and limescale buildup can clog showerheads and degrade performance over time. But the easy-clean rubber nozzles simply wipe clean with the swipe of a finger to maintain powerful water flow. Keep your Waterpik shower massager working like new for long-lasting quality and enjoyment.

Upgrade Your Shower in Minutes Without a Plumber

Why pay for expensive contractors when you can install an indulgent spa shower in minutes? The Waterpik Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager intuitively fits any standard shower. Clamp on the adjustable arm, connect to your existing pipe, and you’re ready for a shower massage. Simple DIY installation means you can easily take this showerhead along for an upgrade anywhere you live or travel.

Premium Performance Meets Practical Value

With a sleek chrome finish and advanced engineering, the Waterpik Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager looks far more expensive than its budget-friendly price tag. Enjoy ultra-luxurious sensory satisfaction and total relaxation without the spa costs. The Waterpik shower massager brings high-end performance and customization to any home.

Experience the sensory bliss of a spa-caliber massage while enjoying affordable Waterpik quality. The Power Spray Handheld Shower Massager gives you premium features and total control at a price that fits your budget. Adjust and customize your perfect shower with the settings, spray patterns, and functionality you need to pamper your body from head to toe.


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