Wave Geometry Mirror – Unique Desk Decor to Brighten Your Space


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Add an artistic touch to any room in your home with this gorgeous wave geometry mirror! Featuring a striking pink plastic frame in a unique wave pattern, this mirror makes a fantastic decorative accent for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, dorm rooms, home offices, and more.

Measuring 15.7 inches tall by 9.8 inches wide, this mirror is the ideal size for placing on desks, console tables, dressers, side tables, and other flat surfaces. The curved wave design of the frame adds visual interest and gives this mirror far more character than a basic rectangular shape. Lean it against a wall or place it flat – either way, it makes a stylish statement!

While some wall mirrors tend to be too large and overpowering on desktops, this perfectly proportioned piece feels right at home on any tabletop. The pale pink color scheme lends a soft, soothing vibe that works well for bedrooms and other relaxing retreats. A pop of blush pink brings a lively energy, giving this mirror uplifting appeal.

Crafted from durable plastic, the gradient pink frame has an almost metallic sheen for added depth. The sleek surface cleans up easily with a quick wipe down. The smooth frame surrounds a regular glass mirror that provides clear reflections.

With its flowing waves and asymmetrical shape, this mirror brings artistic edge to your decor. Make a bold statement by hanging two pink wave mirrors side-by-side over a console table or mantel. Cluster three together on a gallery wall for major visual impact. For more subtle style, let one mirror shine solo on your dresser as a unique focal point.

In addition to stylishly reflecting light and views, this mirror expands the sense of space in any room. Hang it across from windows to make the area feel more open and airy. Position it near a dark corner to brighten up the spot and create the illusion of extra square footage. Place it along a narrow hallway to widen the path visually.

Forget boring rectangular mirrors – this pink wave beauty infuses interiors with artistic flair. The pale pink color palette lends feminine charm while the wavy shape provides free-spirited edge. This chic mirror doubles as a lovely home gift for housewarmings, birthdays, graduations, Christmas, and more. Surprise your girlfriend, daughter, sister, or best friend with this thoughtful present!

Designed to elevate any desktop, console, dresser, or wall space, this wave frame mirror brings stylish impact to bedrooms, entryways, living areas, dorm rooms, and beyond. With its graceful curved form and rosy pink hues, this mirror combines elegance and edge for the modern home. Brighten up your space with the artful allure of this desktop or wall mount mirror!

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 15.7” H x 9.8” W x 0.6” D
Materials: Plastic frame, regular glass mirror
Color: Pink gradient wave pattern
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Box Includes:

1 x Wave Pattern Mirror
1 x Hanging hook
1 x Installation manual

Unique pink wave frame design provides artistic flair
Sleek durable plastic frame with glass mirror
Perfect size for desktops, console tables, walls
Statement piece livens up any room
Lightweight and easy to hang or stand
Lovely home decor gift idea
Where to Use:

Bedrooms – above dressers or nightstands
Living rooms – lean against wall or above console table
Dorm rooms – liven up desks or walls
Hallways – hang in entryway or along corridor
Bathrooms – stand on counter or hang above sink
Home offices – stand on desk or hang on wall
Care Tips:

Wipe frame gently with soft dry cloth
Clean mirror surface with glass cleaner
Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives
Use indoors in dry location only
Hang securely using provided hardware
Stand out from the ordinary and indulge your artistic side with this gorgeous pink wave mirror! With its graceful curves and rosy palette, this stylish accent brightens any living space. Place it atop a desktop, lean it on the wall, or hang it as wall art – the options are endless with this versatile mirror.

The flowing asymmetric design gives this mirror oodles of artistic flair. Make a bold fashion-forward statement by displaying two or three together for a major style impact. For more subtle appeal, let it shine solo as a unique focal point atop a console table or dresser.

Gift it to a trendsetter in your life who loves statement-making accessories with artistic edge. With its photogenic wavy frame in a delicate pink hue, this mirror is sure to be Instagrammed when recipients show it off in their stylish spaces.

Uplift your room with the mesmerizing appeal of this pink gradient wave mirror!

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