Westin White Tea Home Diffuser Refill Cartridge – Relax and Refresh Yourself in The Comfort of Home


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Escape to the lush white tea fields and rejuvenating comfort of your favorite Westin Hotel with the Westin White Tea Home Diffuser Refill Cartridge. As soon as you open the sleek packaging, you’ll be transported to your last relaxing Westin getaway with the crisp, sweet scent of white tea leaves straight from the fields.

This exclusive Westin fragrance found in Westin hotels worldwide has clean, refreshing notes of white tea blended with soothing woodsy cedar and sweet vanilla. It’s the perfect balance of revitalizing natural scents that will make your home an oasis of comfort and relaxation.

The Westin White Tea fragrance elevates your senses, refreshing and rejuvenating your spirit. It’s a bright, crisp scent that awakens your mind while the hints of cedarwood and vanilla envelop you in a warm embrace.

Experience the luxurious comfort of a Westin Hotel in your own home every day with the Westin White Tea Home Diffuser Refill Cartridge.

Revitalize Your Senses with Crisp White Tea

The star of this fragrance blend is the sweet, delicate white tea. Grown high in the mountains, white tea is the least processed of all teas, allowing its natural crisp sweetness to shine through.

White tea has rejuvenating effects, both physically and mentally. Its natural antioxidants help protect your cells while the subtle caffeine boosts alertness.

The Westin White Tea fragrance captures the essence of freshly picked white tea leaves, stimulating your senses with its bright, uplifting aroma. Each whiff is like breathing fresh mountain air, cleansing and reviving your spirit.

Relax in a Soothing Cedarwood Embrace

Nestled within the bright white tea fragrance are hints of woodsy cedarwood. This rich, warm scent balances the light white tea, relaxing your body and mind.

Cedarwood essential oil has been used for thousands of years to promote calmness and ease tension. Its earthy aroma slows your breathing, reduces anxiety, and instills a sense of grounded tranquility.

Wrapped in the comforting embrace of cedarwood, the stresses of your day melt away. Your muscles relax as your mind eases into a peaceful state of harmony.

Indulge in Sweet, Soothing Vanilla

Rounding out this perfectly balanced blend is the sweet, creamy scent of vanilla. Its rich, velvety aroma infuses the mix with warmth and comfort.

Vanilla is known for its relaxing properties. Its sweet fragrance has a soothing effect, easing anxious nerves. As you breathe in its mellow scent, your troubles fade away.

The blend of comforting vanilla with uplifting white tea and grounding cedarwood creates a fragrance that calms your spirit, relaxes your body, and delights your senses.

Experience Westin’s Signature Scent At Home

The Westin White Tea fragrance featured in this diffuser refill cartridge can be found in Westin Hotels worldwide. It is their signature scent, crafted to help guests relax, refresh, and rejuvenate during their stay.

Now you can fill your home with this exclusive fragrance and be transported to the luxury and comfort of a Westin Hotel getaway whenever you need to relax and recharge.

Keep the crisp white tea fields close by filling your diffuser with the Westin White Tea Home Diffuser Refill Cartridge.

Freshens Up to 800 Square Feet

Designed for large, open spaces, this diffuser refill cartridge will effectively freshen up to 800 square feet of your home or office.

The ScentWave delivery system uses dry air diffusion technology to disperse the fragrance evenly without wet sprays or messy oils.

Simply insert the cartridge into your ScentWave diffuser and this Westin white tea scent will refresh even your largest rooms, elevating the ambiance of your whole home.

Lasts Up to 300 Hours

One Westin White Tea Home Diffuser Refill Cartridge will keep your space revitalized with Westin’s signature scent for up to 300 hours of continuous diffusion.

With careful use, this single cartridge can last for months. Set the diffusion intensity lower and run for fewer hours per day to extend the cartridge life even further.

Keep a bottle of your favorite Westin hotel on hand to refresh whenever you please. This long-lasting cartridge brings Westin’s rejuvenating white tea fragrance into your home day after day.

Adjustable Settings Customize Your Experience

The ScentWave Diffuser allows you to customize your diffusion experience to match your mood and environment.

Adjust the diffusion intensity between high, medium, and low settings. Keep it subtle for a light fragrance or turn it higher to fill the air with the relaxing white tea scent.

Set the daily timer to run from 1-10 hours at a time. Program it to run only while you’re home to enjoy it.

With adjustable settings, you control the strength and schedule. Customize it to suit your senses and spaces.

Easy, Mess-Free Fragrance

The ScentWave Diffuser uses a dry air diffusion method to spread fragrance without spraying messy oils that can stain furniture or surfaces.

There are no fragrances to spill or leak. The cartridge simply inserts into the diffuser. When activated, it uses no-mess technology to send the uplifting white tea aroma through the air.

No spraying, no leaking, no mess. Just clean, revitalizing fragrance at the touch of a button.

Your Home Oasis Awaits

Bring the luxurious tranquility of a Westin Hotel getaway into your home every day. The Westin White Tea Home Diffuser Refill Cartridge envelops you in their signature scent, refreshing your spirit and relaxing your body from the moment you open it.

Treat yourself to crisp white tea, warm cedarwood, sweet vanilla, and a vacation from stress in your own home oasis.


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