WEY&FLY Extra Large Ice Bath Tub – The Ultimate Cold Plunge Tub for Athlete Recovery and Cryotherapy


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Embrace the power of cold therapy with the WEY&FLY Extra Large Ice Bath Tub. As an athlete, you know that intense training and competition takes a toll on your body. Proper recovery is essential to prevent injury, reduce muscle soreness, and improve performance. That’s where our cold plunge tub comes in. With its generous size and durable four-layer insulation, it’s engineered to provide the ultimate ice bath experience right at home.

Unleash the Healing Benefits of Cold Water Immersion

Slipping into our ice bath tub after a tough workout allows cold water immersion to work its magic. The frigid temperatures constrict blood vessels and decrease metabolic activity in your muscles. This reduces swelling and inflammation that contributes to soreness. When you get out, increased blood flow surges back in to re-energize your tissues. The whole process acts like a reset button for your body. Regular cold tub therapy can help you bounce back faster, prevent chronic pain, and even enhance endurance.

Designed for Full-Body Cold Water Immersion

Our extra large tub is tailored for complete cold water immersion. At 40 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 20 inches deep, it accommodates most body types with ample room to move. The tub comfortably fits athletes up to 6’5″ tall. Now you can reap the benefits of full-body cryotherapy from head to toe. Our tub also features thick durable plastic reinforced with fiberglass for superior strength. It’s made to hold up to heavy daily use for years to come.

Advanced Four-Layer Insulation for Optimal Cooling

What sets our cold plunge tub apart is the four-layer insulation system. The inner layer utilizes thick EPE foam that provides a smooth surface that’s easy to clean. Next is a 1.5 inch air layer that prevents heat transfer for excellent cooling. High-density fiberglass then adds reinforcement for sturdiness and rigidity. Finally, another 1.5 inch air layer and plastic outer shell complete the insulation. Together, they can keep water below 50°F for 30 minutes or longer – plenty of time for effective therapy.

Precision Temperature Control

We also understand the importance of closely monitoring water temperature during ice bath sessions. That’s why our tub includes an LCD digital thermometer built into the exterior wall. It displays an accurate temperature readout of the water to ensure optimal cooling. The thermometer sensor reaches down 12 inches into the bath for precise measurements. There’s also a drain valve to easily empty water after use.

Added Features for Convenience

Several bonuses make our ice bath tub even more convenient:

  • Integrated handles on each end for safe, easy mobility
  • Textured anti-slip floor for stability
  • Flat rim to comfortably sit on the edge
  • Bonus temperature thermometer strips to monitor different bath depths
  • Vibration dampening pads to prevent floor damage

Take Your Recovery to the Next Level

Don’t settle for occasional trips to the cryotherapy center or jury-rigged ice baths. Bring the athletic recovery power of cold water immersion home with the WEY&FLY Extra Large Ice Bath Tub! Custom designed for whole body cryotherapy, it provides the gold standard for helping you bounce back from intense training. Get one for your home gym or training facility to take your restoration routines to the next level.


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