Willow Tree Around You Couple Figurine – Hand-Carved Resin Statue Captures Pure Love and Affection


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Feel the power of love, caring, and meaningful connection with the Willow Tree Around You couple figurine. This exquisite resin sculpture depicts a tender moment between two soulmates, heads leaning together as they hold hands in their lap. Crafted by award-winning artist Susan Lordi, it makes a thoughtful gift for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and more.

Intimate Moment of Togetherness and Understanding

The woman sits with her hands folded in her lap, eyes closed as she rests her forehead against her partner’s. He mirrors her body language, hands intertwined with hers as they share an intimate moment of closeness. Their posture emanates comfort, familiarity, trust, and understanding that can only come from a deep bond.

With his eyes also closed, the man seems lost in the simple joy of his soulmate’s presence. The sculpture captures a universal human truth – sometimes just being near the one you love is enough. No words need be spoken to feel the power of your connection.

Hand-Sculpted in Artist’s Studio, Then Cast in Resin

This romantic figure was originally sculpted by Susan Lordi in her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Each Willow Tree piece begins as a unique carving in her hands. This one was then cast in a durable polyresin and hand-painted to bring out lifelike colors and details.

The woman’s graceful demeanor comes through in her posture and flowing dress. Delicate folds in the fabric and the man’s casually rolled shirt sleeves add authentic, human touches. Subtle variations in the paint make their hands, faces, and clothing look real enough to reach out and touch.

Makes a Meaningful Gift for Loved Ones

If you’re looking for a gift to express love and togetherness, the Around You couple is a perfect choice. The elegant monochromatic color scheme in neutral tones allows it to complement any relationship and decor style. A fitted box enclosure makes it easy to gift wrap and present to your intended recipients.

Give it to newlyweds or long-married spouses to symbolize their enduring bond. For Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, it says “You are my person, the one who truly knows and understands me.” Let it be a reminder to always make time for quiet moments together amidst the stresses of life.

Display in Your Home or Office

The petite 6.5 inch height of the Around You figurine makes it ideal for desks, shelves, tabletops, or mantels. Add it to a bedroom, living room, or office to emanate peaceful, loving energy. Allow its presence to promote mindfulness, gratitude, and focus on the people and moments that truly matter.

Wherever it’s displayed, it will spark conversation and delight. The smooth, minimalist shapes and neutral tones pair effortlessly with any decor. It adds a touch of class that uplifts without overpowering.

Safe for All Ages

Unlike some resin decor items, this sculpture contains no lead or toxic compounds. It’s made from high-quality, child-safe materials. Kids and adults alike can safely handle and enjoy it.

Let it become a family heirloom passed down across generations. The timeless depiction of love and togetherness will retain its meaning and emotional impact for decades to come.

Elevate Your Gift-Giving

In a world of mass-produced gifts, the Around You sculpture offers exceptional artistry and meaning. The minimalist design achieves its powerful emotional impact through sheer simplicity. This makes it equally perfect for both masculine and feminine sensibilities.

Well-packaged and ready for presenting, it shows thoughtfulness unmatched by generic gift cards or candy assortments. Offer it as a token of your love, gratitude, or appreciation to create a moment they’ll always remember.

Invest in Timeless Quality and Craftsmanship

Susan Lordi’s flowing, humanistic style has made Willow Tree the most recognized inspirational brand in giftware today. Each piece distills emotive human qualities into simple, expressive forms that speak directly to the heart.

This hand-sculpted resin figure provides lasting value and fills any space with a sense of peace, comfort, and connection. Its touching depiction of unconditional love makes a gift to be treasured forever.

Willow Tree Around You at a Glance:

  • Depicts tender moment between two soulmates
  • Hand-sculpted by Susan Lordi then cast in durable resin
  • Painted by hand; variations make it unique and lifelike
  • Neutral tones complement any relationship and decor
  • Ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day
  • Packed in a fitted box perfect for gifting
  • Safe for all ages; lead-free and non-toxic
  • 6.5 inches high; ideal size for shelves and tabletops
  • Conveys universal theme of love and understanding
  • Makes a meaningful, memorable gift
  • Timeless design becomes a family heirloom

Bring a sense of closeness, compassion, and human connection into any space with the Willow Tree Around You couple figurine. Let it serve as a timeless reminder to cherish every shared moment with your loved ones.


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